Why Carpet Colour Change & How Commercial Carpet Cleaners Melbourne Can Help?

Carpets elevate the aesthetic appeal of commercial space if maintained correctly. It contributes to the overall ambience and grabs the attention of clients, visitors, and vendors at first instance. However, furnishings need routine care to look great for years, and your carpet is no exception. Commercial carpets start fading and gradually lose their beauty if left on their own. A primary cause behind soft carpet is discolouration. Most business owners rely upon Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for impeccable carpet maintenance. 

Many factors cause carpet discolouration. Even if you opt for periodic carpet cleaning by in-house staff, you might not protect its delicate fabrics, unlike professionals. The experts know the potential causes behind faded carpets. They offer proven treatments to keep your pricey centrepiece look great for years. If you wonder ‘why my carpet is changing colour‘, this blog is HARD-TO-MISS.

Environmental factors such as dirt, pollutants, and artificial circumstances can cause carpet discolouration. However, two leading causes behind carpet discolouration are:

  • Fading due to Fumes:

This happens when gaseous pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur in the air react with sunlight. High amounts of nitrogen oxides and sulphur combined with prolonged exposure to sunlight and humidity lead to chemical reactions. As a result, carpets gradually change colour from blue to pink or turn brown to red. Suppose your carpet is in a place that receives excessive sunlight. In that case, humidity can lead to dye bleeding, and your carpet will fade earlier than expected. 


  • Fading due to Ozone: 

Ozone fading is more common in urban areas due to car emissions and fluorescent lights. In addition, excessive humidity and heat accelerate ozone fading and affect the carpet dye. Fibres that are subject to ozone fading may lighten or turn grey. Thus, it’s always wise to hire commercial carpet cleaners who can diagnose the actual causes behind carpet discolouration and offer specialised treatments. 

Certain artificial factors also lead to discolouration:

  • Greying:

Greying results from regular soiling and abrasion caused due to walking. Carpets placed in high-traffic areas are more likely to suffer from this. The best way to prevent greying is by installing a mat on the areas with high traffic and hiring a commercial carpet cleaning monthly, if not weekly. Regular vacuuming by professional carpet cleaners is equally helpful in combating greying. 

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  • Bleaching: 

Carpet fabrics are delicate and need specialised treatment. Fertiliser spills or highly reactive chemicals are the leading causes behind carpet colour change and smelly carpets. Active bleaching agents give off an unpleasant smell if not cleaned properly. You might have to look for proven techniques to remove the odour from carpets to restore the freshness of your carpet. Bleaching is a potential cause behind carpet discolouration and is hard to fix by local cleaners. Therefore, seeking expert help is always recommended.

  • Staining:

Leaving coffee spills and hard stains on carpets without timely treatment will leave stains on your carpet. Stains and spills settle over time and get absorbed into the fabrics, which causes the carpet colour to change. You might notice your carpet fibres turning brown or red due to the coffee stains. That’s why it’s necessary to call professionals to remove carpet stains immediately when an accidental spill happens to extend your carpet’s longevity.

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Commercial carpet cleaning isn’t a layman’s job as it requires in-depth skills and professional expertise. So, whether dealing with faded carpets, flood-damaged carpets or musty odours, partner with Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for proven solutions. Our specialised carpet cleaning techniques and advanced treatments eradicate all types of carpet chores safely and efficiently. So, get in touch with our carpet cleaners and ask for a free quote!