Mattress Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning


Are you tired of dealing with a stained and dirty mattress? Is it the fear of pest infestations in your bedding that is stopping you from enjoying sleepless nights like before? Put an end to your woes as you have hit the right page for help.

At Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we have been specialising in mattress cleaning service in Melbourne for years and have become the most preferred and trusted name for our quality of work, commitment and dedication. Our team of experts are well-trained in mattress steam cleaning and use 100% eco-friendly products and unique techniques that can scrape off harmful allergens, dust, pollen and other contaminants from your mattress once and for all.

Get Professional Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne From Experts
If you plan to transform your bedroom and get rid of the dirt and dust from your mattress, you can rely on our experts to offer the best mattress cleaning in Melbourne. The Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne team is highly committed to offering exceptional mattress cleaning solutions at a cost-effective price. You can trust our skilled cleaners because we don’t hesitate to offer a warranty for the service.
Stained mattress? No worries. Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has solutions to all your mattress chores. Whether it is stain, dirt, dust or allergens, our mattress cleaners in Melbourne offer impeccable mattress cleaning, highly effective steam cleaning, dry cleaning and sanitisation all over Melbourne at an unbeatable price.
  • Thorough mattress sanitisation
  • Solid industry experience in mattress cleaning
  • Local mattress cleaners
  • Eco-friendly chemicals and non-toxic detergents
  • Budgeted package 365 days
  • Urine, blood and routine stain removal
  • Anti bug and allergy treatments
  • Pre-spray mattress with anti-allergens
  • Mattress odour and stain removal

Steam cleaning is one of those high-powered techniques that can wash away even the tiniest of dust mites and revive your mattress like new. At Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we remove toxic chemicals, germs, stains and dust mites from your bedding and steam hygienically clean your mattress. The steam penetrates deep inside the wool and cleanses the entire mattress in a much-needed manner.

Our mattress steam cleaning service in Melbourne includes pre-spray removal, anti-allergen treatment, allergy removal and mattress drying services that underline quality, professionalism at every stage. We use eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for family and pets. Our hot water extraction or steam cleaning method can extract airborne particles and prolong the shelf-life of your mattress.

Reasons to Count on Us For Mattress Cleaning
We know that many other companies offer mattress cleaning services in Melbourne. So the question which might be coming into your mind is why hire us for the cleaning task? Though there are many reasons for this, the most vital ones are detailed below.
  • Our skilled team is highly trained and possesses excellent skills to deliver professional mattress cleaning services in Melbourne.
  • As we have been in the industry for years, our professionals understand the specific requirements of mattress care. Hence, we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and advanced techniques to remove dust mites, dirt, allergens, and stains deep inside the mattress. Hence, you can get the best mattress steam cleaning service in Melbourne.
  • One of the best parts of hiring our mattress cleaning expert in Melbourne is that we don’t hesitate to offer a warranty for the service. Therefore you don’t have to take any stress.
  • We first inspect to get the best idea about the fabric from which the mattress is made. Then, depending on that, we develop the best strategies to offer exceptional mattress steam cleaning in Melbourne.

The reason why we won the hearts of millions of Melbourne residents over the past few years are underlaid below:

  • Solid industry experience
  • Trained, certified and accredited mattress cleaners
  • Truck-mounted equipment for mattress cleaning
  • 24*7 emergency services
  • Eco-friendly mattress cleaning detergents
  • Hot water extraction process for mould, dirt and stain treatments
  • 100% guaranteed removal of bacteria, fungi, mould and germs
  • No remains of chemical residues
  • Same-day mattress steam clean service
  • Urine, vomit stain removal and treatment
  • Musty odour, pet stains, blood spots removal
  • Prolonged shelf-life of your mattress
  • 100% Australian owned company

Besides cleaning your mattress, we also offer mattress sanitisation services in Melbourne with 100% perfection. Mattress sanitisation is extremely important to enjoy a sound sleep. Our mattress cleaning expert in Melbourne have the expertise and skill-set to remove harmful germs from your mattress using bio-degradable products and high-powered cleaning equipment to ensure they don’t hurt your kids, pets or senior members in the family. Over the years, we have built sound customer base due to our quality of work, reliability and service satisfaction.


Lack of routine mattress maintenance gives rise to the formation of mould and mildews, which can further lead to chronic health issues such as asthma, respiratory disorders, skin infections among kids and pets. At Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, our local mattress cleaners are well aware of the latest mould removal techniques and terminate bacteria and allergens from your bedding that can otherwise give rise to recurring health issues and keep pests, bugs and termite infestations at bay.

Choose the Best Mattress Cleaning Company in Melbourne

Before you decide to hire a team for professional mattress steam cleaning in Melbourne, you need to understand that it is not just about cleaning. It is also about providing your loved ones a safe and healthy environment and protecting them from suffering from any health issue.So, if you are looking for trusted mattress cleaners in Melbourne, this is your one-stop destination. You do not have to take any stress when our experts are there by your side to offer the best mattress stain removal service in Melbourne.

Don’t let dirty mattress seize your mental peace! Reach us and experience 10% professional mattress steam cleaning in Melbourne! Ask for a FREE QUOTE NOW!
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