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Proven Techniques Used By Cleaners to Remove Smell from Carpets

The odour from carpets can be quite common if they are dirty or have not been cleaned for a long time. But removing the odour from the carpet can be quite a complex task, especially if you want to do it all by yourself. So, calling professional carpet cleaners is always recommended. Why? It’s because they use proven techniques to dispel the smell. And if you want to learn more about these techniques, you will need to go through the points that we have mentioned here.

  • Diagnosing the Cause of the Smell 

The odour from your carpet can stem from dirt, dust or food particles that are stuck inside the fibres for a long time. But sometimes the smell can emanate from pest infestations too. Now, whatever the reason is, determination of the cause of the smell is important for professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne. By finding out what’s causing the smell, they can use the right cleaning methods to dispel the same. So, when it comes to carpet odour removal, this is a technique that professionals use for diagnosing the source and cause of the smell.

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  • Vacuuming Before Carpet Cleaning

Quite naturally, to remove the smell, professional cleaners will need to steam clean your carpet. But before that, they will vacuum thoroughly to remove the particles that are stuck deep inside the carpet. They will do this because food, other particles or even liquids that have dried or stuck inside the carpet for a long time can give off the smell. Removing them will help the cleaners to get rid of the smell quickly.

  • Using High-End Steam Cleaning Solution

The ultimate solution for making the carpets free of odour is the application of steam. But to do that, the cleaners will have to use high-end steam cleaning equipment.

The heat generated during carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne eliminates the odours efficiently. Moreover, heat from the steam can also help in getting rid of stains on the carpet. Thus, if proven techniques are to be considered, this is the most recommended and used method.

  • Application of Proprietary Solutions

To remove the odour from the carpets, professional cleaners might use proprietary chemicals. But they only use the same if they find that the odour is persisting even after steam cleaning.

The reason behind this is that sometimes odour can stem from the fibres if they have become old and worn out. In this situation, you have no other option than to live with the carpet or discard it totally. Nevertheless, these chemicals do work well in dispelling the smell.

  • Mild Washing

The carpet cleaning experts in Melbourne can also perform mild washing of your carpet. Generally, they do avoid this technique of smell removal since water can damage the fibres. But if they notice that your carpet is in good condition and the fibres are sturdy or if the fibres can withstand mild washing, they will use this technique since this is a method that has proven to be highly effective against odours.

  • Applying Enzyme Removers

If the odour in your carpet is emanating from pet urine that contains enzymes, professional carpet cleaners will use enzyme removers which will not only help in getting rid of the smell but also the smell.

These are some of the time-tested methods that give good results in the removal of smell coming from carpets.

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