Safety Measures to Be Taken Before Driveway High-pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing is one of the most effective and efficient modes of cleaning surfaces, especially on concrete driveways, which get covered with dust and dirt and grease and grime from the vehicles. However, when the time comes, you want to get rid of the filth that driveways accumulate over time, quickly and without affecting the surface. In that case, you must turn to a reputed and experienced company that offers pressure cleaning in Melbourne or elsewhere, depending on your location. 

The task of pressure washing is easier said than done:

  • It needs a lot of physical strength to control the nozzle of the pressure washer tool due to the recoil velocity of the water spraying out at such a high speed.
  • There are specific steps to follow so that the structural integrity of the driveway surface is never at risk.
  • The specific steps help the professionals offering pressure cleaning servicesto keep injury at bay.

Water forced out at such a great speed under pressure can cause severe cuts on human flesh and even be fatal! That’s why pressure washing professionals take specific safety measures before conducting pressure washing driveways. 


Checking the water supply

Always check the water supply as a low water supply will not serve your purpose for the high-pressure cleaning of driveways. Insufficient water supply will result in low water pressure, lowering the cleaning efficiency. High-pressure cleaning experts will always check the water pressure before starting.

Checking the Nozzle and its Size

It can be tempting to use a small nozzle, as the smaller the nozzle, the higher the water pressure. However, choosing the wrong size for the nozzle will invariably cause damage to the surface due to the higher force of the water. Thus, Melbourne’s high-pressure cleaning professionals would stick to 25-degree nozzles for spraying and rinsing concrete surfaces for most concrete driveways. 

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Assessing the Area 

Area assessment is the next step these professionals will take while pressure washing driveways. While the concrete is hard enough to take on the water pressure these tools exert, the surroundings might not be so. Thus, the professionals will take a hard look at the area to identify the weak spots and features, which will expose the risk of damage due to the pressure washing. Before getting on with their work, the professionals conducting pressure cleaning services would cover the sensitive areas with enough precaution and guards. Even if they lose control of the tool, they will be saved from the damage. 

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Aiming the Nozzle High and Keeping it Moving

Though strictly speaking, there is no safety measure taken before the washing. Always take nozzle positioning in any discussion regarding pressure washing. The professionals will never take the nozzle too close to the surface while performing driveway pressure cleaning in Melbournelike anywhere else. This will invariably damage the surface. They will maintain a safe distance of a few feet between the nozzle and the concrete surface to minimise the intensity of the pressure. Besides, they will always keep the nozzle moving to avoid water concentration at any particular point. Keeping the nozzle still at issue even for a few seconds will cause the concrete surface to rupture. 

Therefore, these are the few safety measures to be adopted by the best pressure cleaners while cleaning concrete driveways. This is also the reason why you must turn to the best cleaners. What better name can you think of than Best Carpet Cleaning MelbourneWe are the best in the business. Call us now to book an appointment.