Removing Stains From Fabric Upholstery – A Holistic Account

People at times take a universal stand while cleaning upholstery. That at times works, while at times fails to deliver the desired results. The reason is pretty simple. When you take a universal method it clicks when it suits the type of material the upholstery is made up of and fails when it does not fit.

Hence, in order to be sure that every step makes a difference in the cleaning and yields a positive result, the approach has to be specific instead of general. In other words, the approach taken must suit the type of fabric the upholstery is made up of. For instance, when we speak about cleaning upholstery that is all fabric, there has to be a specific approach, which is bound to differ from the approach you are to take when you clean leather upholstery.

That is why it is so imperative to hire professional upholstery cleaning service provider in Melbourne. Professional cleaners of cleaning companies are immensely trained and experienced enough to carry out tailor-made upholstery cleaning, and would thus follow the appropriate techniques, using the right kind of tools while cleaning upholstery, depending upon the materials they are made up of. That’s exactly how our cleaning experts at Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne work and come out with the best cleaning solutions.

Here on this page, we discuss the steps the professionals would take to clean fabric upholstery.

Act fast while dealing with stains

Time is precious when it comes to cleaning stains from fabric. You MUST act promptly and quickly. This is where things start! Therefore, as soon you spill something on the fabric, summon the professionals immediately, but do not wait for their arrival. This delay will prove to be costly. Waiting even for a few minutes after the spill will give enough chance to the stain to set in and hence when the pros arrive, it will be harder for them to remove it. To have the best chances of removing entirely all the stain, we recommend having it done by one- or 2-days max. Thereafter, you will lower your chance of 100% stain removal because the spill goes deeper in the fibre and harder to remove.

Check the recommendations  from the maker of the fabric

See what the manufacturer has to say about dealing with stains. Before you use any cleaning detergents you need to have a look at recommendations of the manufacturer. Strictly maintain the recommendations while dealing with the stain. By not doing so, you will only damage the upholstery and its material permanently.

Check the cleaning codes thoroughly

Since you are not a professional stain remover, you might not have the first-hand familiarity with the cleaning codes. They are the random letters that appear on the tags. A code ‘W’ means it needs a water-based cleaner, ‘S/W’ means it needs a solvent and a water-based cleaner and ‘S’ means you should use only and only a solvent to clean it.

Use a dry brush for removing loose particles

Get over the entire structure using a stiff brush that comes with natural bristles, which will loosen the stains and bring out the dust and dirt particles from the depth of the surface.

Now, its time for vacuuming

Though you might not have the high power vacuum cleaners that the pros of an upholstery cleaning company in Melbourne might come up with, the one that you have at your home will be sufficient. Vacuum the fabric thoroughly before you resort to scrubbing and cleaning the fabric for removing the crumbs and other loose particles.

Cleaning the fabric with baking soda

If you are of the notion that baking soda is just for cooking, it’s time to change that stance. It is also an effective cleaning agent that not only cleans fabric but does it in an eco-friendly way. In other words, it will never pose any health hazard, but will also keep the fabric of the upholstery absolutely unaffected. Treating the upholstery with baking soda will help you to remove the odours and loosen the strains further. if you want to use homemade baking soda that will do as well when it comes to removing deep-set, old stains.

However, for using it as a cleaning agent, mix an equal volume of baking soda and water. Be it a dry or a wet stain, you need to leave the baking soda to settle on for half an hour or so so that it is entirely absorbed by the stain. One that has happened it’s your turn to vacuum the stain up with the help of a cleaner that comes with a brush attachment.

The pros would do so, and with the help of the various types of eco-friendly branded cleaning solutions, they will clean it efficiently. That is the reason after you have carried out the initial steps, you need to leave it for the upholstery cleaning professionals in Camberwell to take over and carry out finer and more comprehensive cleaning to leave your upholstery spick and span.

The pros will carry out the cleaning with the help of recommended cleaning agents

Now that the professionals have arrived by now and you have let them take things over from here on, they will use only and only the recommended cleaning products from the best brands and use the appropriate tools and techniques to deal with the old and stubborn stains and the ones that you have failed to remove despite your best efforts.

The pros will test a small, hidden area of the upholstery before applying any cleaning solution to make sure the agent does not have any adverse effect on the material. Once they are sure that the outcome is negative, they will go for fully-fledged cleaning with the help of the cleaning solution.

Dry the fabric

Once they are done, the of the upholstery cleaning professionals in Templestowe would pat down the wet areas, if any with a dry towel, to soak up any residual moisture out of the upholstery surface. After that, they will brush off gently any remnants of the cleaning solution that they have used to clean the upholstery.

Letting it dry out

This is the very last step of upholstery fabric cleaning. Now that the procedure is down, pros would recommend leaving the upholstery to dry in air overnight so that by the time it’s morning on the next day, the upholstery is as good as new!

So, you see, there are specific steps of steam cleaning to follow that will make your fabric upholstery clean and intact. That is what our pros at Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne will do. For further details call us at 0390005250.