Everyone loves the warm atmosphere of the house. Carpet helps make the house atmosphere more comfortable with making sure we enjoy our space the more. Sadly, carpets accumulate all dirt and stains that a regular vacuum cannot overcome. Carpet cleaners offer effective removal service for stain, dirt, debris, and other unwanted elements that wear off your carpet. A carpet cleaner is tasked with the job of getting rid of deep stains and bacteria, as well as preserve your carpet regardless of why you need them, whether to remove the trail of mud left by your kids, or you spilled some food or wine and need to remove the stain using spot cleaner.

There is no difficulty in choosing a carpet cleaner as there are only a few manufacturers, models, but various designs, and few brands to choose from. In order to get you the best carpet cleaners, we consulted cleaning experts, and we came up with a list of best home carpet cleaners that get rid of stains without difficulty in operating and maintaining them.

Top 4 Carpet Cleaners in Australia

There are multiple carpet cleaners around the globe, depending on each country’s market situations. Go through the review below on the best carpet cleaners available in the Australia market to guide you.

#1 Bissell 2066F Revolution Carpet Cleaner

Bissell is a leader in the industry, and it produces a supermodel, which is this 2066 FF Revolution, specifically designed for carpets. It is capable of removing a month-long foot traffic trail, deep stains, and odors left behind by pets or children. It provides both wet and dry cleaning and contains a removable part which can be used on upholstery. Bissell’s beautiful product is worth looking for if you are shopping for a reliable high-quality carpet cleaner brand.


  • Effective on pet odors and stain
  • Specifically designed for carpets
  • 78-liter water tank
  • Ideal for wet and dry cleaning


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

#2 Bissell Big Professional 86T3

Most professionals run to the Bissell Big Professional 86T3 machine. It is popular for perfect cleaning and mostly uses for commercial cleanings. Companies such as a storehouse also offer this machine for lease. Homeowners who want to do monthly deep cleaning also go for the lease of this machine to give their carpet a refreshing and spotless look from pet stains, pet vomit, pet urine, and to remove all foul smell resulting from these situations. The machine’s tanks’ capacities are large. This is a professional carpet cleaner. The machine also has a glide with fuel dials, which indicate when the dirty water level is rising, and the detergent is no more sufficient. This machine doesn’t need assembly. Another perk of the Bissell big professional is that it has a 5-years limited warranty on it.


  • Large tank capacity
  • 2-year warranty
  • Can handle large stains
  • Available with various cleaning formulas


  • The hose crack sometimes
  • Heavier than others

#3 PUPPYOO Upright Lightweight Corded Carpet Cleaner

PUPPYOO UPRIGHT does a great and deep cleaning job for short carpets with mild stains and dirt. It enables you to make many passes with water and warm air to remove stains as well as the entire detergents. This cleaner is designed with tools for cleaning upholstery as well as the carpet. However, its upholstery cleaning is not effective like that of carpet. The product is a 20 ft. power cord with an average length. When the screws located in the brush turbine get rust, the carpet cleaner brushes sometimes stop working. That is when the brushes stop working and find it challenging to perform deep carpet cleaning in order to get rid of surface stains.

The design of this cleaner model makes the screws get wet because they are exposed even though they are not made of stainless steel. The ease of use and price makes it a product worth considering.


  • A crevice and stair tool
  • An additional tool for upholstery
  • Lightweight design
  • Five powerful distributed 360 brushes


  • The tribune can start rusting so early
  • The customer service can take a longer time to fix`s problem

#4 Rug Doctor Deep – Power Vacuuming

This machine offers commercial cleaners’ capabilities into a house cleaner. The rug doctor offers a super boost spray to remove spot stains and debris, a large brush bar, oscillating brush cleaning, and a 1300 W motor, enabling high-power vacuuming. After continuous usage, the rug doctor, which offers deep carpet cleaning, performs more than doctoring the carpet with great carpet cleaning performance. It takes good care of your carpets and, at the same time, reduces your cleaning time. This machine is exceptionally great for upholstery stain with great detergent.

The machine just creates the standard for house carpet cleaners. The rug doctor is your go-to if you need an improvised cleaning solution on permanent stains on the carpet, as it performs magic using its super spray boost on the stubborn stains. The machine’s big brush-bar is located on a floating shell, which adjusts automatically to the depth of your house carpet. Its cleaning width is about 31cm, and it has a 25 cm wide. It is mostly used for domestic carpet cleanings that require the right cleaning technique.


  • Up-to-date cleaning
  • Easy and effective suction for dirty water
  • Great tool for stain removal
  • Strong build quality


  • Requires a little practice before using
  • Weighty/Heavier

How to find the Best Carpet Cleaners for your Needs

You don’t have to go through many difficulties in choosing the right carpet cleaner, although you can easily get lost in the technical aspect. Below are some of the essential things you should consider as you shop for a carpet cleaner:

Steam Pressure: Cleaners with high-pressure steam can quickly and deeply clean, leaving your carpet with a softer finish. The pressure is determined by weight per square inch, which implies that the higher pressure leads to higher cleaning efficiency. We recommend you go for a steam pressure above 3.5 bars/50 psi.

Heat-Up Time: Get steam cleaners that have less than 30 seconds of heat-up time. You may burn yourself during the refilling of the water tank based on how quickly your steam cleaner heats up, so be careful when handling it.

Weight: You need a weight you can manage based on your type of carpet cleaner, especially if there are objects too heavy or large for you to lift. You can easily maneuver portable and lightweight steam cleaners, although you will mostly do a lot of water refilling of the tank.

Water Tank Capacity: The absence of measurement markers on the container or the small water tank is one of the major problems faced by steam cleaners’ owners, as they mostly get confused about the level of water in the tank. Most water tanks have their range from 10 to 30 mins max, so get a container that matches your specific needs and give enough steam time frame.

Continuous Versus Triggers: A steam cleaner with the continuous running of steam is difficult to control. However, you may find it annoying and too much to pull a trigger button all through your cleaning. They both present their benefits – unrestricted steam can be more comfortable, although triggers can give you more control over your clean.

Carpet Cleaning Extras: Reusable cleaning cloths, upholstery brushes, longer cable length, and adjustable steam points are other additional features to look out for to get a more efficient and comfortable carpet cleaning experience.

FAQs about Carpet Cleaners

Are chemicals from carpet cleaner safe?

Manufacturers of carpet cleaning solutions are not allowed to disclose their ingredients, and thus they call them fragranced products. Even though we did not encounter any problem while using cleaning solutions during carpet cleaning or disposal, you can ensure adequate protection of your household and environment from possible toxins and allergens by properly ventilating the area and getting rid of wastewater down the drain connected to the sewer or a toilet.

Should I purchase a carpet cleaner?

Homeowners with kids or pets may want to buy a carpet cleaner. You should consider renting a cleaning machine if you live in an apartment, rent, or doesn’t require deep cleaning for your carpet more than once in a year. You should call in professional cleaners for natural fibers cleaning, especially those with large and difficult stains as they use machines and chemicals that are much more powerful.

Which is the best – buying or renting/hiring a carpet cleaner?

Buying a carpet cleaner can be much cheaper than hiring a professional carpet cleaner for more than a single clean. You will be able to save on costs, as well as avoid the stress of scheduling a cleaner to come to your home for cleaning. However, you will be on your own on the cleaning and have no expert to guide you on the cleaning and maintaining your cleaned carpet. You can also consider renting a carpet cleaner from a service provider. This will significantly reduce the cost; however, if you plan to clean your home once or more in a year, you will definitely spend the equivalent amount of buying a new one.

When is the right time to clean my carpet cleaner?

To ensure the longevity of your carpet cleaner, make sure you clean it after each use, concentrating on the tanks and brushes since cleaning can be made difficult once dried-up gunk starts to form. If you are considering renting a carpet cleaner, ensure each part of the machine is thoroughly cleaned to avoid being charged extra upon return.


Finally, giving your carpet proper care will elongate its life and keep it looking great. Your carpet is in use every day, and so it needs to maintain a good look as possible as you can. General carpet care includes daily cleaning and regular vacuuming and carpet cleaners, which play a major role in carpet cleaning. You must ensure regular cleaning as well as an annual or six-month professional deep cleaning of your carpets to ensure it maintains its good look for a very long time.

The carpet cleaners mentioned above and a number of others are the best you can use to clean your carpet to give it a more refreshed look. Quick mopping action against stains and spots will prevent accumulation and stubbornness of stains. You need to make sure your flooded or wet carpet gets dried as soon as possible to avoid odor. Contact us for your carpet cleaning as the task can become more expensive with an unknown outcome if you are not sure of your cleaning skills.