Carpet cleaning can be a challenging task, ranging from muddy paws, coffee, and wine stains, to foul odors. Carpet can withhold their weight in dirt or even more, so it is necessary to get it cleaned as often as it needed. Whether you have people coming over for a party, or you spilled a drink on the carpet, carpet cleaning in Melbourne has become one important task to do.

Finding the best carpet cleaner in Melbourne requires some work since you won’t be able to try them out before you actually hire them, nor can you opt for one of their carpet cleaning jobs.

Many cleaners offer very low prices using unqualified technicians, so how do you find a competent, qualified expert carpet cleaner?

Finding out the right approach to choosing a carpet cleaning company can be a little daunting. This is because there is much misleading information out there, wrong information, as well as confusing claims. You will find the best tips that can be helpful in choosing the right cleaning service for your needs in this post.

Tips to finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Online search is naturally the first step to take. You will then be faced with a large number of services, all looking good to handle your job. We have all at a time experienced it, right? The following tips will guide you through the selection process to see that you made the right call.

Consider the following factors to select a carpet cleaner for your job:


Experience has a lot of value alongside being professionally and thoroughly trained. In most cases, a cleaning technician will keep what he has learned and start putting his experience into practice. However, the experience will be of little or no value if a technician doesn’t possess the right knowledge or has never performed a flawless carpet cleaning before.


Figure out the cleaners’ reputation by checking references from recent customers that have hired the service of the companies. You can simply figure this out through online reviews. You can also check for it on social media websites. This will clearly show you the general reputation of a cleaning service regarding its business.

Good and Responsive Website

Most carpet cleaning companies seem to forget about the online presence in just like some other industries. Majority of cleaning companies in Melbourne still advertises their services through newspaper and fliers. For those that have a website, it will mostly look ancient. This implies that when you find a carpet cleaner with an updated and responsive website, you should know they mean business. Alongside the fact that they are serious with their business, a good website from such a company also reveals a lot about their service offerings. Carpet cleaners don’t work in the dark. We love informing people about our work, our methods, and what we have to offer. Just consider other parts of our website as an example. There are pages that contain our niche services, history, tips and many more. Knowing all these will give you clarity on who can best handle your cleaning services.

Good Reviews

This might sound obvious. But it will surprise you to see the number of people that don’t even consider this. This may be because most people decide to go with the first cleaning service they find instead of thorough research. They consider cleaning an easy job that doesn’t require spending time on reviews. They forget that carpet cleaning is more than vacuuming everything, reviews give you an idea of what to expect when you hire a carpet cleaner. That involves things like their:

  • Thoroughness and concentration on details
  • Customer service
  • Attitude and demeanor
  • Timeliness and punctuality

You will also get an idea of the types of service available with your cleaner when you read reviews about them. Consider a scenario where you are in search of a carpet cleaner in Melbourne, but all you keep seeing are positive reviews on upholstery cleaning. Hence, you see clearly that you can trust your cleaner to give your sofa a refreshing look.

Top 6 Questions to ask when searching for the Best Carpet Cleaner

Now that you have screened your search for cleaning service to three to five companies, you need to either call or send them an email. Most people don’t know what exactly to ask their potential cleaners than “how much?” Although pricing is very important, you also have to ask your cleaner the following questions:

  1. Do you handle the cleaning or subcontract it?

To be clear if the preferred cleaner chosen from the multitude you’ve researched will be the actual company that will come on the cleaning day, you need to ask this question. Although subcontracting is not a bad idea, the final outcome can be affected by cost and quality issues.

  1. Do you belong to any industry association or possess training certification from a recognized industry organization? 

The majority of professional carpet cleaning companies will belong to an industry association like SCRIA or possess training certificates from organizations like IICRC. This is very important because membership or certification indicates that the company has agreed to adhere to the standards set by the organizations. They must offer standard and quality services to keep their certification and be updated with the newest methods and equipment.

  1. What technique and equipment do you use?

There are many approaches to carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning services often offer a few various cleaning techniques that match the specific situation. Carpet cleaning association and carpet manufacturers do recommend Hot Water Extraction, popularly known as Steam Cleaning. Cleaning companies also make use of dry cleaning for properties that belong to businesses that need express cleaning.

  1. What are the cleaning products you use?

Professional carpet cleaning services will also make use of cleaning products of higher standards. They must have different cleaning products to tackle different kinds of stains. Many of them will make use of cleaning products that are eco-friendly and know which cleaning products are best to use on different types of carpet fibers and stains.

  1. Do you charge by the hour or charge by the room/sqm?

Pricing is an essential factor when selecting a carpet cleaning service. You just have to beware of taking price as one of the factors and not the major factor. A professional carpet cleaner will ensure pricing transparency. However, this doesn’t mean that they are going to post their price list on their website. There is no general pricing for carpet cleaning. Pricing is determined based on the uniqueness of each cleaning job, such as the age and type of carpet, stains, the quantity of foot traffic, carpet maintenance, and so on.

  • Pro Tip:Beware! There are some too good to be true cleaning deals out there. Beware of carpet cleaners that offer four rooms for $88 or other carpet cleaning deals that look similar. Although some of the offers might look reasonable, but first ask them what they understand by a room. A carpet cleaner may offer low prices but set a room size that is smaller than regular rooms. In this case, you won’t be paying just the base rate; you may have to pay for the extra square meter, which may be exorbitant. We call this “Bait and Switch” in the cleaning industry.

  1. Do you give a guarantee?

Stain removal can give even the best carpet cleaner in the universe a lot of trouble the first time. Some stains appear or reappear a day or a few more after cleaning because they are underneath the carpet. A professional carpet cleaner will be willing and ready to come back to clean the carpet again at no extra fee in the event of this. A reputable carpet cleaner will be glad to take the opportunity to fix any problems you are not satisfied with since they surely want you to hire their services over again as well as refer them to your friends and family.

Although no carpet cleaner can offer a guarantee of restoring your carpet to its original state, they can, however, guarantee customer satisfaction. They will advise you on what your expectations should be concerning the cleaning job’s outcome and ensure you are satisfied before departing. You only need a guarantee at the end of lease carpet cleaning in order to retrieve your bond.

Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaner for your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Now that you are equipped with the right question to ask your carpet cleaner, you should find it easier to find the best carpet cleaner for your budget. Just know that majority of those carpet cleaners on top of the search spend additional money on marketing and advertising because they need to attract new customers.

In some cases, while Google helps a lot, it is not as reliable as your family and friends, and you need to ask them why they recommend the cleaning service. You also have to check Facebook, Google, and online review sites to read about the company. And once you hire a good carpet cleaner, make sure you write an online review for them so other intending customers can share from your experience. Please call us on 0390005250 for all your inquiries on carpet cleaning