The floor of your bedroom is important. It is the last thing you will step on as you off your shoes and climb into bed at night, and also, the first thing you feel each morning you wake and leave your bed. This is why some flooring materials are best to use in the bedroom like carpet.

Carpet is plush, soft, warm beneath the foot, and soothing to the touch. You don’t want to start your day with frigid feet as you leave your bed.This is why the use of carpet is a popular option for bedrooms in most homes today.

However, getting the perfect type of carpet for your bedroom can be challenging but easier than expected as long as you make use of few tips.

The right carpet for bedrooms should be perfect in different measures, such as price, texture, material, and durability.

We will discuss each of these factors in this article to help you with a good start. But before then, let’s quickly review some top carpet options for bedroom.

Top 3 Carpets for Bedrooms 

1. Persian-Rugs

This type of rug carpet is the ideal accent for any room that requires comfortable and soft carpet without the need to pay to re-floor the entire room. Regardless of the hardness of your floors, color application to the area, the Persian-Rugs is one of the softest rugs that you could ever choose. With the price, the rug can always stand the test of time in term of quality and durability that you will enjoy your money’s worth.

2. MBIGM Super Soft Area Rug

This type of rug carpet is ideal if you plan to make your bedroom feel more welcoming. It is available in different colors and is very soft. It improves the surface to keep your feet warm, or it makes the surface great for young kids to play on. The MBIGM Super Soft area rug is also easy to maintain and can be vacuumed when necessary without losing none of its plushness.

3. Safavieh Dallas Shag Collection SGD257C Trellis Area Rug

This shag rug contains a trellis pattern and is perfect for a master bedroom or a guest room, adding a nice touch of elegance and aesthetic to the room. It is 1.5 inches high, which implies that it is longer and floppier than many of the rugs discussed here. It improves the bedroom’s flooring with a soft touch and would be perfect for crawling on my baby in the nursery. It comes in many different color combinations, so if you don’t like the one featured, feel free to check out other options for your choice.

Ultimate Guide to pick the Best Carpet for Bedrooms

When it comes to the bedroom, you should know what you need a carpet; you don’t just go to the market and buy a carpet. There are some guides to choose the best match for your need. Follow these tips to pick the best carpet for your bedroom:

Create a Budget

Although the first thing that people often think about during the purchase of bedroom carpeting is both the color and texture, planning your budget is likely the most vital step in the whole process. The square footage of the room is what determines carpeting prices, so make sure you measure your space before you hit the store. You may need to consider a less-expensive option for your large master bedroom.

If your bedroom is smaller, you may be able to buy luxury carpeting since you won’t be covering a large room. Either way, immediately you have a strong budget planned, you won’t waste time at the store since you would have already known which carpets you can afford with your budget and figure out the best quality alternatives within your budget.

Findout Pile/Material

As you search for a large-coverage floor covering, the most common and cheaper option are the tufted carpets. The pile in tufted carpet means standing loops of fabric. Although more pile will look more like a shag rug, low pile materials may not be much bouncy and may not hold on to heat. The two options can be invited based on what you need.

  • Uncut carpet pile: Carpet is designed as loops of fabric are threaded via matting to develop the fibers on the surface. When the whole loop is left uncut, it is known as a loop pile or Berber pile carpet. The benefit of this type of carpet is that it is often durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. The limitation is that it is not soft and not padded like a cut carpet pile, making this carpet less comfortable in the bedroom.
  • Cut carpet pile: When you cut the loop used to design carpet, strands are left on it, and it is the constituent of the plush surface of the material. There can be carpeting that contains varieties of texture based on the angle where the loop is cut, as well as the way the individual fibers are later treated. Although these carpets can be soft and beautiful, you can easily notice footmarks and indentations through the bristling nature of the carpet fibers. The carpet also can easily get older over time, which implies that it will require regular replacement.

Consider Pile Height and Density

Concentrate on the pile height and density of the carpet you choose, says Roussos, a carpet expert. If you are aiming for a particular feel, then determine the exact type of pile height you need. You may choose a long, plush pile carpet or a shorter, tighter pile based on your preference.

ChooseFiber & Style

Comfort can be affected by your choice of fiber, but it is also directly linked to style and price. If you desire the softest type of carpet in your bedroom, go for the plush style. Wool is a perfect choice if you have the budget capacity; else, go for polyester as your next best option. Although nylon and other fibers are not the softest fibers, they are also not by any means comfortable.

If you find plush too much for your preference, getting a cut pile carpet is the best alternative. They are comfortable similarly to shag carpeting, but loop style carpets are not as comfortable as plush, cut pile (from wool or polyester), or shag carpeting.

Pick the Right Color

You can consider a neutral-colored carpet like tan, as a safe alternative since it still matches with any wall or decoration colors. But we often suggest you stay away from carpets that are very light such as white or beige, since they often reveal dirt, unlike darker carpeting.

If you prefer colorful carpeting, you can give a bold-colored carpet a try in your bedroom. Light-colored walls can be a perfect match for carpeting that contains green, blue, or red color as the carpet can improve visual attraction and dimension to the room.

A plain, neutral bedroom can also be more attractive with a cool patterned rug that has two or more colors. But stay away from loud colors, as well as busy patterns as they will probably be too cumbersome for the bedroom.

Focus on Texture

The carpeting in a bedroom should be soft and comfortable for underfoot, and this is why you should choose the perfect texture or pile. However, the ideal texture can also add a more attractive look to your bedroom, so aesthetics is also important. Get a Saxony pile carpet that has a plush, fluffy texture to have the most luxurious appearance and feel. You can also hey velvet pile carpeting for its soft and great feel since it is also perfect for a bedroom. The difference is that the Saxony pile carpeting contain long fibers. On the other hand, the velvet pile carpet fibers are short and dense, so they give another look to your flooring.

Make use of your Bedrooms Carpet Optimally

1. Size is Important

Generally, the rule is the same with rugs in small-sized bedrooms. Selects one that is 2ft shorter than the room’s smallest length. When you have larger bedrooms, you don’t have to cover the whole space. You can just place one at each end of the bed or some part below the bed. You don’t necessarily want your carpet to appear lost in the huge space or for the bedroom to look overwhelmed by a large area rug.

Carefully evaluate the space and come up with the effect you would like to get:

  • Get a rug that stays in the center and place the bed on it to make your bedroom look larger.
  • Divide the room into two sections. Using two carpets of different sizes can easily change a larger bedroom into a different sleeping space as well as a dressing area.
  • Select a larger rug and continue to keep the two-foot rules will enable you to create a warmer feeling in your space, which will be great to relax in.

2. Maintenance

Whether you are a pet owner or not, giving regular maintenance can help make sure your carpeting lasts a very long time. Many manufacturers recommend you get a professional carpet cleaning service every year or more to preserve your carpet fibres’ lives and eliminate excess debris and dirt. Although some cleaning services give shampoo and vacuum service, others can do dry cleaning for special carpeting materials.

People who plan a DIY cleaning should ensure they stick to the instructions recommended by the manufacturer to prevent discoloration, wearing of fibers, or mold growth. If there is a humid climate in your region, you may think of using a cleaning agent to prevent mildew accumulation in the fibers. Also, if you discovered that you feel shocked often when you walk on the floor with your socks on, you may want to use an anti-static treatment.


You can install the exact type of carpet that matches your bedroom style and suits your individual needs. When you are looking for comfort, there are varieties of styles and fibers that are perfect for bedrooms. While the rest may be good for other areas of your home, you should make sure you choose right for your bedroom.

Do you need a professional cleaning service for your carpet? We are here to help steam clean your carpets to make them new again. Contact us today!