Carpet steam cleaning on the average cost $35/hr. The carpet’s size is one of the significant price determinants, and if your carpet requires a special effort to remove the stain, you could be charged as high as $40/hr by your carpet steam cleaner for the service.

The average cost to steam clean a living room, three bedrooms, and extra room according to the average prices reported for full carpet steam cleaning jobs on in 2018 is $100 to $150, or around $25 for each room.

However, more works and efforts are needed for flood carpet steam cleaning. The mess and damage from a flooded carpeted room can be tough. Regardless of the cause of the flood, whether a leaking roof, natural disaster, or backed up sewer lines, mold, and bacterial growth can be rapidly caused by standing water.

Quick cleaning of flooded carpets will protect your health and safety. Some of the sources of water that could flood your caret include a foundation leak, a burst home from the dishwasher, as well as a broken water pipe.

A flood resulting from Mother Nature or backed-up sewage is a typical example of dirty, infested water that may also get onto your flooring. There are different ways to suck or extract clean or dirty water from your carpets.

To know more about the costs of cleaning your carpets, continue reading this article as we unveil the average cost of flood carpet cleaning in Melbourne for various rooms, sizes, and types of carpet.

Various Carpet Cleaning Conditions

Clean Water

Mold starts growing in wet carpeting in just 72-hours. You can clean water from carpets by renting an industrial steam-cleaning machine or suction the water using an extractor.

The extractor works similarly to the vacuum feature of a carpet steam cleaning machine. With any of the machines, move slowly in the entire wet carpet area and work in various directions.

Pull the damp carpeting up after water extraction to remove and dry it, or replace the carpet pad below it. You may consider a wet/dry shop vacuum for a small water-filled area.

Dirty Water

To remove any dirty, bacteria-infested water from your carpets, contact specialized water and restoration professionals. The professionals have the right equipment and experience to take care of the bacteria as well as contamination. The cost of clean-up may be covered by your insurance provider, as well as the replacement of contaminated carpets.

If you plan to tackle the work yourself, put on protective rubber boots, safety glasses, and rubber gloves. Extract dirty water using a wet/dry shop vacuum or a sump pump.

Flood Clean-Up and Carpet Cleaning

If you notice standing water in your home or office, a flood clean-up team will pump the water out and check the overall damage. If there have been many inches of water in the room for a while, there may be damage due to mold.

In this situation, they may suggest the replacement of the carpet rather than performing cleaning on it. If you can still use the carpet, or if the damage is not much and you’ve dried the affected area already, a carpet cleaner can restore your carpet’s good initial state.

Before signing a work agreement, the carpet cleaner should provide you a free on-site cleaning estimate. Coming up with the accurate estimated costs of the cleaning of flooded carpets via the phone is difficult because there will be a need for the cleaners to see the level of cleaning and stain removal to be done.

The cleaning crew immediately shows up; they will move any furniture from the room and treat the carpets. They will then loosen the dirt by using steam cleaners that pressurize hot water into the carpet fibers.

Lastly, they will remove matting by raking the fibers and restore the carpet’s condition near its original state when it was newly bought.

How much does Flood Clean-Up cost?

Based on the room’s size and the level of the damage, flood cleaning can cost about $10 to $12 per square foot. Remember that prices can vary based on region and company. Ensure you know everything possibly included in the flood cleaning or carpet cleaning estimate, and remember to obtain multiple estimates before hiring a cleaning crew or carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Prices based on the Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaning companies are different based on prices, based on expertise, quality, the complexity of cleaning, and the carpet’s state. The average cost of cleaning one to three rooms on the average starts from $75 to $300.

Many landlords pay about $90 to have their 250 sq-ft unfurnished bedroom that has synthetic fiber carpet cleaned professionally.

However, prices can start from $25 for bonnet cleaning of a single room to $600 to steam clean a whole building. There are different carpet cleaning techniques available, but not all of them are effective. Each method has its pros and cons, so know this before you make a decision.

  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Cost: This type of cleaning concentrates on polishing the surface of your carpet with a spinning pad. It is a fast and affordable way to clean your carpet and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to dry. However, it does not get the job done as dirt deep in the carpet fibers later rises, causing the need for another treatment. This cleaning is much faster and less-deep cleans, so it is cheaper. It cost between $25 and $100 on average.
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning Prices: This dry cleaning method makes use of an absorbent compound that breaks down dirt and debris in your carpet. After being left for a while, the compound breaks dirt from the carpet fibers to be removed with a standard-strength vacuum.

This technique is a fast way to obtain a thorough clean without moisturizing your carpet. Your space should be ready within 20 minutes after cleaning. However, deep cleaning into the carpet is not possible, like steam cleaning. If you aim to use dry carpet cleaning, be ready to pay between $75 and $300.

  • Carpet encapsulation prices: Carpet encapsulations similar to carpet shampooing. It makes use of synthetic foam detergents on the carpet with a brush machine. However, that is the only similarities. The foam sets and crystalizes to form a powder, trapping the stain on the carpet. Then, the caret is vacuumed up.

This method doesn’t leave residue behind and takes less time to complete. The whole process should be completed within a half-hour. However, it cannot give the same thorough cleaning, so we don’t recommend it if your carpet is greatly stained. The average cost for this process is between $80 and $350.

  • Carpet shampooing cost: This process deposits a foaming substance into your carpet through a brush machine. Then, a wet vacuum performs removal of both the cleaner and dirt. A dry vacuum performs the remaining cleaning once the carpet dries. Your carpet will quickly dry since there is small moisture. In general, cleaning one room takes about twenty minutes. However, you cannot deeply extract dirt from the carpet fiber. This method is reasonably affordable at $90 to $400 on average.
  • Steam Cleaning Carpet Cost: This is also known as hot water extraction and is one of the most popular professional carpet cleaning methods. This technique cleans thoroughly into your carpet fibers, but the high temperature of the water can be dangerous. A cleaning agent is applied and allowed to sit on the carpet to work deep into the fibers.

Hot water is then washed on at a great force to enter into the fibers and decompose dirt and bacteria fully. Lastly, the hot water is extracted with a vacuum. The process takes about one hour to complete an average home and about one day or two for everything to dry fully. Steam cleaning often costs about $100 and $500.

  • Carbonated carpet cleaning costs: Similar to steam cleaning, this process makes use of high-temperature water to remove dirt from carpets. However, instead of soaking the carpet, this process uses a low-moisture process that contains small bubbles that explode dirt from inside the carpet fibers. This technique makes use of about 80% less water than steam cleaning, removing potential growth of mold and mildew. Also, your carpet often dries in a few hours. This technique costs an average between $130 and $600.

Why is the Rate of Carpet Steam Cleaning Different?

Even though most carpet cleaning companies in Australia have the same average cost for their services, you should still keep track of some major factors that can affect the overall amount you will pay.

This will assist you in obtaining a good estimate of the cost of your carpet cleaning service.

  • Size of the carpeted space: Cleaning carpets in larger rooms are costlier than cleaning carpets in smaller rooms. This is because the time it takes to cover the entire area in larger rooms is much.
  • The complexity of the job: Carpets that are greatly soiled or stained are certainly more challenging to clean as they deserves more deep cleaning techniques. This is expensive than standard cleans since it requires more labor.
  • Type of carpet: There are carpet fabrics that are more difficult to clean than others. For example, cotton carpets are soft and great in appearance, but they have very brittle fabric. That is why cleaning this type of carpet requires additional care to prevent damage to the material.

Choosing a Flood Carpet Cleaning Company

Your best source for referrals for a flood clean-up company is your homeowners or business insurance agent. They often face this type of situation and may know the exact providers that are most reliable and the ones to avoid.

If there is no need to file an insurance claim due to the small nature of the flood damage, consult your neighbors for recommendations of a good carpet cleaning company.

Request for customer references from any cleaning company you obtained a flood cleaning estimate from. If you feel uncomfortable with a company when they show up to provide you an on-site estimate, go for another cleaning provider.

If you are looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company to clean your flooded carpet or any carpet cleaning, Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is here for you. Contact us today!