How Carpet Steam Cleaners Remove Dirt Stains

Dirt stains need to be scraped first before the steam cleaning can begin. Generally, they use vacuum cleaners to get rid of dirt. However, the stains caused by dirt are difficult to remove.

Today, we will discuss how professional cleaners remove dirt stains from carpets. So, if you are curious, read on to get an idea.

Scrape off the Dirt Stains

The cleaners carrying out professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne and its suburbs will use a dull knife or spoon to carefully scrape off the dirt stains. While doing so, they will ensure they are not damaging the fibres.

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The cleaners will inspect your carpet, find out the stains caused by dirt and then start the process. However, if your carpet is old, they might skip this process to save the fibres from damage.

Use Detergent to Remove the Dirt Stains   

Before beginning carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne or other suburbs, expert cleaners will use detergent solutions to soften the accumulated dirt. This helps remove the stains with just plain cloth. This is the easiest way to remove carpet stains caused by dirt.

Using Vinegar to Remove the Stains   

Vinegar is similar to detergent when it comes to removing dirt stains. The only difference is that the carpet cleaning experts in Melbourne, also serving in the other suburbs, apply vinegar, an eco-friendly solution.

Vinegar solutions can soften dirt quickly. All it takes is applying a bit of it on the affected area. Since this is an eco-friendly solution, carpet fibres remain undamaged. Be careful, however, as the vinegar can discolour some fibres. So, make sure to test it out first.

Vacuuming the Carpet After Applying Detergent or Vinegar

Before the carpet can be steam cleaned, cleaners need to ensure that there are no dirt stains left. So, after removing them with the already mentioned solutions, they vacuum the carpet thoroughly. This leaves no dirt stains; thus, the carpet is ready to be steam cleaned.

Steam Cleaning      

Finally, after the carpet cleaning in Point Cook or any other Melbourne suburb remove the dirt stains, they apply steam using their industrial-grade equipment. This helps remove not only the remaining dirt stains but the other spot marks as well.

The cleaners take some time for steam cleaning since this helps remove all types of stains. Indeed, they have to remain attentive so that they can achieve the best results.

Powder Cleaning     

Though steam cleaners carrying out carpet cleaning in Southbank and the other Melbourne suburbs do not perform powder cleaning, they can sometimes take advantage of this procedure.

This is called dry cleaning, which is effective against dirt stains. However, as mentioned, this method is only used by some.

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