Effective Office Upholstery Grease Cleaning Methods Used by Cleaners

Upholsteries in businesses can be accurately cleaned only by professional cleaners as only they possess the experience and knowledge essential to make these furniture coverings spotless. However, if you are an office owner in Melbourne, you might wonder how these cleaners eliminate grease from the surface. 

We will be discussing this topic here today. Read through the rest of this post to get the answer to the question. 

If you are ready, we will start from point 1.

  • Dabbing the Grease


Office upholstery cleaners in Melbourne dab the grease they find on the fabric surface to effectively remove grease. This method is more effective than scrubbing since grease spreads throughout the fabric, and removing it becomes even more difficult. 

To dab the grease, professional cleaners mostly use paper towels. They apply minimal pressure to remove the grease one dab at a time.

  • Using Detergent for Removing the Excess Oil

Since grease is oily by default, dabbing it is not enough. Cleaners will need to use other solutions to get the best results.

Grease can be food or the accumulation of dirt, which can sometimes partly solidify. In addition, it still leaves the oily part on the surface. To remove the oily surface, office upholstery cleaners in Melbourne apply detergent, preferably a mild soap-based solution.

This detergent helps remove the oil stain within a short duration.

  • Baking Soda is Also Effective Against Grease


Eco-friendly cleaners favour organic solutions to remove grease from office upholsteries, and what better option can there be apart from baking soda.

All the cleaners do is sprinkle some on the upholsteries, leave it for a few minutes and then vacuum to remove the grease and the ugly stains caused by it.

Yes, grease does leave some residue, but the cleaners remove it with powerful vacuum cleaners leaving the upholstery clean.

  • Using Mild Water


Water is required to clean off grease. However, the commercial upholstery cleaners in Melbourne will not use too much water since it can damage the upholstery.

The cleaners will be using a sprayer to apply the water, and they will only be spraying a bit of it on the spot where they find the grease.  

  • Steam Cleaning

One of the best ways to get rid of grease from upholstery is steam cleaning. 

Commercial upholstery cleaners use steam to soften the grease so it can be easily removed. It is an effective process; the best results are seen in just a couple of hours.

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  • Using Proprietary Grease Removal Solutions

Specialists performing same-day commercial upholstery cleaning in Melbourne can also apply some proprietary solutions that can quickly help remove the grease on the fabric.

These are typically in-house products that you will not find in the market. Nevertheless, they are very effective in removing grease no matter the type of upholstery you have.

  • Brushes for Dried Up Grease  

The cleaning professionals might use a brush to remove dried-up grease from upholsteries. Afterward, they will use steam to remove the stains.

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