Easy To Follow Ways of Getting Rid of Bed Bugs from Mattresses

Generally, to remove bed bugs from mattresses, you will need to get a pest treatment done. If you notice a few bed bugs only or if they have recently infiltrated your mattress, you might not need to book a pest treatment. You can call cleaners in Melbourne who can clean the mattress meticulously to eliminate the bugs. This blog is for you if you want to try and eliminate the bed bugs yourself.

  • Use an Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Repellant  


All you need to do is buy an eco-friendly solution that can get rid of these bugs with time. 

There are various repellants now available on the market containing chemicals. They might be effective, but it is best to avoid buying them since they can harm your health. Always make sure you spray the solution as directed in the manual.

  • Vacuum the Mattress


Since bed bugs reside deep inside mattresses, you can remove them with a vacuum cleaner. However, the equipment in your home might not be so effective. Vacuum cleaners that professional cleaners use is more powerful. They can easily remove these insects and the larvae they have hatched deep inside.

  • Apply Some Heat 


The ideal solution for getting rid of these pesky blood-sucking insects is mattress steam cleaning. However, before you can call professional cleaners, you can try applying heat to your mattress using a dry cloth.

Heat some pieces of cloth and then place them on your mattress. It might fend off the bed bugs hiding deep inside.

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  • Spray Some Vinegar


You can spray some vinegar on your mattress to eliminate the bed bugs hiding deep inside the fibres. However, since vinegar is a type of acid, it can harm the bed bugs essentially. On top of that, cleaners carrying out professional mattress cleaning in Melbourne recommend the usage of this solution since this is safe for the mattress. However, you will need to dry it before using it again after the treatment.

  • Use a Brush to Scrub Off the Bed Bugs

You can use a large brush to scrub the mattress as it can help the bed bugs to flee! At the same time, this brush can also help you get rid of the dirt and dust accumulated on the surface of the mattress. However, before you do so, take the mattress out of your house, if possible since the bed bugs can escape and take respite in a nearby upholstery and reproduce again.


  • Use a Light Stain Removal Solution

If you find blood stains on the surface of the mattress, it’s time to remove them since the bedbugs can infiltrate the bed again if they smell blood.

You can use a stain remover or book a mattress cleaning service in Melbourne to do the job for you.

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