Why Experts Never Recommend DIY Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning may seem exciting and overwhelming to an amateur, but practically speaking, it’s tedious and requires professional expertise. Understanding various fabrics and applying specialised treatments is the job of professionals and homeowners who plunge into DIY carpet cleaning in Melbourne without prior knowledge, making terrible disasters to their carpets.

Each carpet fabric is different, and so are its cleaning requirements. Knowing individual fabric types and applying suitable detergents are best acknowledged by professionals who have been handling carpet chores for years. It may seem easy to roll up your sleeves and get started, but when you see an expert performing this task, you can recognise the time and effort involved.

Let us see why experts never recommend DIY carpet cleaning and the risks associated with it.

Over-Shampooing Damages Carpet

Homeowners who plunge into DIY carpet cleaning believe that frequent shampooing protects the shine of fabrics for years and, therefore, tend to apply more and more shampoo during steam cleaning simply out of sheer excitement. However, over-shampooing affects the texture and damages the mushy feel of the fabrics in the long run. When deep cleaning carpet, it’s advisable to use shampoo in the right proportion to avoid damage. Moreover, all carpet cleaning treatments don’t involve shampooing. So, knowing when and how much shampoo to use is critical, and if you are a novice, it’s better to delegate the task to professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne.


Water Damaged Carpets Trigger Formation of Mould & Mildews

Carpets undergo regular abuse and accumulate dirt, stains, pollens, and grime. There’s no point in steam cleaning carpets for minor stains. A quick solution of vinegar or dishwashing liquid can work wonders for stain removal. On the other hand, treating pet stains, coffee spills, and bloodstains requires advanced carpet stain cleaning in Melbourne by professionals and homeowners who risk the job alone and over-wetting their carpets. Wet carpets are prime hotspots for mould, and mould-infested carpets badly affect the health and hygiene of a home. Moreover, water spoils the original texture of fabrics and makes carpets look shabby.

Thus, if your carpet needs steam cleaning, it’s best to rely upon professionals for carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and not risk the job alone.

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Excessive Deodoriser Spoils Natural Texture

Deodorising is a part of carpet cleaning, and professionals know the proper techniques of applying deodoriser to ensure the carpet’s glory doesn’t get affected. However, amateurs who resort to DIY carpet cleaning tend to use excessive deodorisers, which significantly ruins the original texture and trims the lifespan of carpets.


Using Random Cleaning Detergents Damage the Shine

Carpets turning yellow or brown are sure-fire symptoms of discolouration and the prime culprit behind discoloured carpets is local detergents. However, applying inferior cleaning products for delicate furnishings such as carpets can damage the fabrics and trim their lifespan. Therefore, it’s crucial to read the label before investing in carpet cleaning detergents or delegate carpet cleaning in Southbank to professionals who are adept at modern cleaning trends and apply organic detergents to make your carpet pristine clean, and spotless.


In short, carpet cleaning isn’t a child’s play as it requires professional expertise, skills, and hands-on experience. It would be best if you took all possible measures to avoid causing damage to the fabrics, and if you find it challenging to handle carpet cleaning chores alone, professionals are always there to help.

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