What Not to Use to Remove Old Stains During Carpet Cleaning?

You must have read a thousand words about how to remove stains from all kinds of carpets. You may also find several information about what professionals who are into carpet cleaning would do to remove old stains from the carpet. However, more needs to be discussed about what should NOT be done to remove the stains. On this page, let us discuss the products of the professionals who are into carpet cleaning in Melbourne.So let us discuss five remedies that professionals generally avoid while


Why is it that as soon as your guest spills red wine, the first thing you reach out for is salt? That is a wrong move, after all. The professionals will only opt for this remedy if it has passed through ages a long time back. No professional would use it anymore. Yes, salt has an absorbing power, but since it gets sticky when wet, it leaves the carpet in an awful condition, even though the stains are gone. Hence, modern carpet cleaning professionals would never use salt.

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White Wine

This is another cleaning agent that the professionals who are into commercial carpet cleaning in Melbourne would never use to clean the carpets.

 There is a scientific reason behind it. Both white and red wine are acidic, and acids can be applied to dissolve acids. However, white is not pure acid. It contains several other ingredients. Several of these ingredients will interact exceptionally well with the stain ingredients. Moreover, if we speak of carpet colours and materials, some might need to be more friendly with the acid (if at all that was applied).

Hence, white vinegar is always a much better choice than white wine.

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Baking Soda 

It is sure to raise some eyebrows! We admit that baking soda does come in handy in removing certain stains. Yes, it is helpful in the elimination of certain types of stains. However, in many cases, it also leaves behind a sticky powdery substance as a residue. Due to its sticky and stubborn nature, this residue is challenging to get rid of. Plenty of experts suggest applying baking soda on pet and food stains. However, more is needed to do the trick. However, highly qualified experts will always advise using acid and baking soda to create that appropriate chemical reaction that will help remove the stains.

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Let us elaborate. When there is the right combination of an acid, such as wine or vinegar, with baking soda, the resulting chemical reaction creates carbon dioxide gas. It is this carbon dioxide that will help remove the stains. So essentially, it is that combination of a base and an acid dissolved in water that does the trick. This process will not work when you let the paste react with the stain and then dry out on the carpet. The dried paste gets firmly attached to the fibres of the carpet and becomes extremely difficult to remove. Even the most robust vacuums will fail to remove it. That is why the professionals who are into commercial carpet stain removal in Melbournewould gently scrape off the dried paste from the carpet using a blunt knife so that the fibres remain unaffected and undamaged.

Corn Flour or Starch 

This is another product frequently used without being an ideal carpet stain remover. Using corn flour to remove carpet stains can be very messy when you use it to remove stains from the carpet.

Corn Flour is an excellent absorbent when it comes to removing greasy stains from the leather surface. However, it could be a better performer when you use it on carpets.

 It is just too hard to remove from the carpet fibres, and there are several superior remedies for removing stains from carpet – not corn flour.

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Carpet stain removers 

Now, let us turn our attention outdoors, away from your kitchen. You will find several branded products supposedly developed to eliminate stains from commercial carpets. Never think of using these products on your own. Hire a professional from a commercial carpet cleaning service in Melbourneinstead. That’s because not all these commercially available products have the same ingredients. There are specified products meant for specific types of carpets. Thus, these professionals will pick the correct type of product depending on the type of material your carpet is made up of.

Refrain from using the ‘vanish’ carpet cleaning agents. The longer they stay on the carpet, the more damage they do to your carpet. So what is the moral of this entire write-up? Hire the best commercial carpet cleaning service provider in your location to ensure the safe and effective removal of stains from the carpet.

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The final words

Are you sceptical, not knowing what your first step should be? Stay calm if you are in and around Melbourne. You have the Best Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne at your side. Our experts will take into account the nature of your carpet and the type, extent and age of the stain to take steps accordingly. Just call us to book our service, and we will be right there at the doorstep of your commercial property at the earliest!

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Meanwhile, in case of fresh stains

  • BLOT – remove as much solid or liquid as is possible from the carpet sign a blotting paper
  • DILUTE – Sprinkle cold water on the stain using a spray bottle
  • BLOT – Blot up as much water as possible using a clean, dry towel. Make sure you dab – do not rub the stain during the process.

It will make our lives a trifle easier when we arrive.