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Types of Stains That Can Affect the Appeal of Your Office Carpet

Any stain on your office carpet is unsightly. Now, different types of stains make fibres unappealing; this is our discussion topic today. However, you need not worry since expert carpet cleaners can eliminate all of these.

You can follow this discussion to learn more about cleaning your office carpet.

Oil-Based Spots        

These stains on the surface are usually made by dropping greasy food. Now, the problem with these stains is that they are pretty challenging to remove. Nevertheless, professional carpet cleaners apply several solutions to eliminate these stains. Additionally, they will steam clean the area since this is one of the most effective techniques to remove every type of stain.

Water-Soluble Stains   

Water-soluble stains are caused by spilling wine, fruit juice, etc. These happen right after parties.

Though these are water-soluble stains, they can become pretty challenging to remove if they have become dry. However, expert cleaners can remove them using unique solutions or steam cleaning equipment.

Chemical Stains  

Did you renovate your office and see the paint spots on the carpets? Unfortunately, these are chemical stains that can ruin your office carpet. However, if you book professional office carpet cleaners, rest assured that they will remove these chemical stains.

Cleaners will mostly scrub off the paints using scrubbers carefully to avoid damaging the fibres. On the other hand, they might also use custom solutions to eliminate these blemishes.

Dirt and Dust Stains    

Stains caused by dirt and dust ruin any office carpet’s beauty.

Since an office is a high-traffic area, the carpet can quickly become dirty from the mud on our shoes. However, carpet cleaners quickly remove them after vacuuming them thoroughly using state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners.

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Blood Stains

If an accident occurs on top of the carpet and there is blood, these are tricky to remove. You will need to book a commercial carpet steam cleaning service that has a good reputation. Otherwise, removing this type of stain can be extremely difficult, especially if it dries on the fibre’s surface.

Cigarette Stains      

Cigarette stains are rather tricky since cigarettes can burn some fibres. So, in this scenario, cleaners eliminate some fibres and then clean the office carpet to make it look spotless.

These are some stains that can affect the appeal of your office carpet. But as mentioned already, getting rid of these stains will become easier when you have the best cleaners at your disposal.

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