Surfaces That Can Be Cleaned with Pressure Cleaning Equipment

One of the most popular stain and mould removal methods is pressure washing. Strong water jets from the cleaning equipment makes surfaces entirely clean. Most importantly, various surfaces can be cleaned with this technique; today, we will look at them in detail. So, if you are in Melbourne and want to remove stains and mould with pressure cleaning, this post will help you learn about the surfaces where this method is effective.

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Decks, Patios and Other Similar Wooden Surfaces

You can quickly get pressure cleaning in Melbourne done if you notice algae, mould, and mildew growth on decks and patios. However, you can also get this type of cleaning done for other wooden surfaces.

Pressure cleaners will adjust the intensity of the water jet from the equipment and safely remove the stains and buildups.

Garage Floor

The floor of your garage can quickly get dirty since many items are stored in this place apart from your vehicles. Moreover, removing stains, grease, etc., can be difficult from these surfaces since these particles adhere sincerely to the surface. But with pressure cleaning equipment, it is easier to clean these surfaces.

The water jets are effective against grease and spot no matter how stubborn they are. So, if you are worried about the cleanliness and appeal of your garage, you should book a pressure cleaning service in Melbourne promptly.

Gutters and Soffits

Gutters can quickly accumulate debris and stains. On the other hand, soffits can get grease which reduces a property’s allure. However, both these surfaces can be cleaned with a pressure cleaning tool.

Gutter cleaners will use specific tools to remove the accumulated debris. After that, they will vacuum the surface and then use pressure cleaning equipment to remove the grease, mould and stains. They will use the same procedure for soffits as well.

Concrete Driveways

Tyres of cars create marks on concrete driveways that cannot be cleaned with any traditional procedure. The tyres also bring dirt and grease, which make ugly stains. To clean them, you can use pressure cleaning equipment.

The advantage of pressure washing in Melbourne is that the equipment with which it is done is quite powerful; thus, it takes little time for the cleaners to make the surfaces entirely immaculate.


With time, roofs of houses and even commercial properties accumulate a lot of stains and grease. So, in this situation, you should opt for pressure cleaning since the equipment can remove the ugly stains from these surfaces.

The cleaning tool will shoot jets of water that will help the cleaner eliminate the stains, mould, and similar growths from your roof surface.

Concrete Walls

You can clean concrete walls with pressure-cleaningequipment like the driveways.

If you notice mould, mildew, etc., rest assured that high-pressure cleaning in Melbourne will be enough to remove the same. You can remove some graffiti from the concrete walls as well.

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