Pesky Things Residing in Your Couch You Might Not Know!

How much do you care for your upholstery? If the answer is ‘half-yearly’ or ‘annually’, no doubt you are putting your hard-earned investment at risk. Couch is perhaps the most used furniture of any household which likely becomes stained, greased over time and use.

Most homeowners who neglect cleaning their couch at frequent intervals often end up with severe health issues or even damaged fibers. If you are one of them, take a break and think about the activities you do while sitting on your couch. Now think whether your treating your couch well.

If it’s been a while you have deep cleaned your couch, here are these pesky things that may be lurking behind!

Virus & Harmful Bacteria

Do you love spending quality time on your couch? That’s great, though, but how often do you clean it? Dirt, germs and harmful bacteria find their favourite breeding grounds in upholstery and if you don’t opt for a professional upholstery cleaning, you might be putting your health at risk. Moreover, the problem becomes acute if you have pets and kids at home. Your couch becomes vulnerable to outside dirt and develops stains which becomes hard to remove later on.

When bacteria, harmful allergens start residing on your couch, they stick to the delicate fibres and get easily transmitted into our body. The result is your couch becomes contaminant with virus and you end up facing breathing problems, dust allergies, asthma, skin infections and many more.

Dust Particles & Harmful Allergens

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that love to nest in the delicate fibres of your upholstery and give rise to severe health issues. Not only they reside into the soft fabrics of your couch but shed their skin and leave behind faeces which kids or pets inhale at some point of time.

This can trigger allergies, asthma, lung disorders and many other health ailments, especially if you have senior citizens at home. Besides dust, pollen gets easily carried from outside and if you have a furry friend at home, pet dander may stick to your couch too. To keep allergens at bay, all you need to opt for professional upholstery cleaning at least once a week by vetted experts to ensure your couch doesn’t get damaged.

Oil Released from Skin

Our skin naturally secretes oil and when you sit or touch your couch, body oil gets automatically absorbed into the fibres. The most common areas of oil secretion are head and palm where your skin gets in direct contact with the couch and develops permanent patches difficult to remove later on.

Naturally secreted oil causes dirt to stick into the fibres and give rise to sticky stains. Lack of regular upkeep causes stains to expand and eventually results in dark patches. So if you love eating popcorns or snacks while sitting on your couch, chances are high there may be food remains which may be staining your furniture or inviting more contaminants.

Fearing whether your couch has any of these pesky things lurking behind? Try deep cleaning your couch by vetted professionals to mitigate chances of health risks. For further tips on the benefits of upholstery cleaning, keep following our posts.