How Upholstery Cleaning Is Your First Step To Good Health?

It not just a common perception but a fact, that routine upkeep of upholstery stain removal makes you feel healthier and elevates your mood. Especially today, when COVID-19 outbreak has created a paradigm shift in our lifestyle and daily health habits, regular upholstery cleaning has become a need of the hour to protect family members, kids and pets from the contagious virus and keep cross-contamination at bay.

Amongst many other household belongings you consider necessary for regular use, couches and sofas sets deserve special mention as they undergo heavy use and becomes soiled over time. Given the fact that Coronovirus remains alive on any surface for nearly about 72 hours, it has become an alarming bell for homeowners to keep upholstery thoroughly cleaned, vacuumed and sanitised to minimise the risk of contamination. Besides this, the other health benefits of routine upholstery cleaning are worth mentioning.

Take a tour with this blog to know how routine upholstery cleaning is your first step to good health and how it makes your home a germ-free paradise.

Your First Step to Good Health Starts with a Basic Awareness

Good health starts with regular upkeep of your home! More often, you may find your kids playing around on the couch or watching action movies while giving a bite to the salted popcorns!

Sofa sets, couch are prime victims of dirt, food spills, allergens and mould and hence, need a little bit of love and care. If your pet or kid loves playing on couches or prefer eating on the sofa, you may not be able to change their habits, but what you can definitely opt for professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne to freshen up your cuddling possessions from time to time!

From costly leather sofa sets to your treasured suede lounge chair, keeping your upholstery in a top-notch condition not only prolongs their shelf life but leaves your guests in awe each visit!

Unhygienic & Soiled Couch? Not Anymore!

It’s the first place where visitors or guests secure their seat and hence it’s likely for your couch to get soiled, dirty and grimy over time. Oil released from palms, sweat and toxins get absorbed into the fabrics and form dark patches which not only look unsightly but give rise to severe health hazards. Kids and elderly members are mostly prone to allergies, respiratory troubles, skin infections and therefore you can’t afford to skip hiring professional upholstery cleaners in Melbourne to alleviate undue woes.

Indoor Air Quality is Greatly Improved

Lingering dirt and dust mites accumulate on the fabrics which start giving recurring health issues among pets. If you find your pet falling sick too often, don’t be surprised as it’s because of the lingering dirt and allergens on the fabrics which you might have ignored to get cleaned by professional upholstery cleaning experts in Melbourne. Deep cleaning and vacuuming flush away harmful contaminants, keep deadly airborne at bay and give you 100% assurance towards breathing fresh air.

Zero Possibilities of Bacterial & Fungal Infections

The fabrics of your upholstery naturally trap dirt, allergens, bacteria, mould, pet hair and instigate deadly allergies to flare up- giving rise to skin infections. Not hiring professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne can further lead to devastating outcomes and compel you to undergo medications. Furthermore, pet hair may stick to the food particles and if you eat them, you know the consequences. Melbourne upholstery cleaning treatment can successfully flush away the debris, allowing upholstery to breathe freely.

No Odour, No More Sneezes!

For pet stains, dander and food spill left unattended for long, it’s not quite absurd for your upholstery fabrics to give off musty odour after a certain point of time.  Pet dander gradually settles on the fabrics and starts giving off an unpleasant smell, which eventually turns out to be a severe threat to asthma patients. Thanks to our fantastic cleaners offering upholstery steam cleaning Melbourne who can scrape off pet stains from the couch fabrics using truck-mounted equipment and make your upholstery visibly shinier and brighter like before.

Latest Approaches to Upholstery Cleaning To Keep Your Health Intact

Dirt and bacteria on upholstery left unattended for years can invite potential health hazards and take a toll on your health. Recent guidelines issued by top health ministry clearly highlights the importance of routine upholstery cleaning, especially in the light of this COVID-19 pandemic to prevent chances of cross-contamination.

Sensing the urgency, upholstery cleaners in Melbourne are constantly trying to imbibe good health habits among clients. They are constantly trying to come up with industry-compliant cleaning practices incorporating cutting-edge tools and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and complete protection. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Fabric testing: Until and unless the fabric type is determined, it’s not possible to come up with the desired result. Each fabric is different and so are their cleaning requirements. Fabric testing gives an idea of the cleaning tools and detergents that can best serve the purpose.
  • Thorough vacuuming: Vacuuming using specialised truck-mounted cleaning equipment is a must before commencing the deep cleaning task. It helps to extract loose dirt particles from deep within the fabrics and prepares your couches for the upholstery stain removal service.
  • Instant stain removal treatment: Melbourne upholstery cleaners pre-treat existing spots using highly specialised cleaning detergents that are non-toxic and specially meant for treating upholstery fabrics. Pre-treatment helps in loosening tough stains and make rinsing way easier.
  • Encapsulation method: Hot water extraction or encapsulation method is extremely effective in loosening suspended dust particles, ensures fast drying and leaves a pleasant smell on your upholstery. This step is widely practised now and helps in deodorising too!

In short, the health benefits of your upholstery cleaning in Melbourne are undeniable. It invigorates your space; bring freshness and drives off unwanted germs, bacteria and deadly virus, making your home no less than a heaven.

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