How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Carpet for Best Maintenance?

A beautiful carpet warms up the interior decor and emphasises the beauty of a home. However, carpet fabrics are delicate and attract dirt quickly, so routine upkeep and maintenance are necessary to preserve its fabrics’ lustre. Timely carpet maintenance prolongs the shelf-life by maintaining its look and texture. You must know when to steam clean your carpet by certified carpet cleaners in Melbourne for improved aesthetics and best maintenance.

An average busy household should have its carpet steam cleaned every month to increase its longevity in the coming years. Every home has its cleaning requirements. Whereas households with elderly members accumulate less dirt, those with kids and pets generate high traffic and get dirty quickly. Steam cleaning your carpet twice a month may seem way too much, but practically speaking, it isn’t enough for a bustling household.


Allowing stains, dirt, and grime to settle over time can break the fibres. Additionally, stacking stains untreated for months can trigger mould formation underneath the padding and cause you to opt for a brand-new replacement sooner than expected. So, what’s the result?

This blog will explain why you must know when to steam clean your carpet by professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne before things turn worse.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet with no Kids?


People without kids should vacuum their carpet every week to avoid dirt build-up, allergen or bacteria formation. However, suppose the carpet is in a high-traffic area such as the living room or ballroom. In that case, it’s ideal to opt for carpet steam cleaning bi-monthly to protect the fabrics from discolouration and extend their longevity.

How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Carpet with Pets?


Pets love to spend most of the time on soft, mushy carpet fabrics and bring in the dirt that accumulates inside the intricate weavings and curtails the carpet’s lifespan. Outside germs carried by pet paws lurk inside the fabrics and failing to treat them on time turns into permanent, unsightly spots. If you have pets, it’s ideal to steam clean carpets every month by carpet cleaning experts in Melbourne to restore the fabrics to their former glory. Between steam cleaning treatments, you must not forget vacuuming every day as a part of routine care. Although it may sound hectic, it’s necessary to protect the shine and softness of the fabrics. Regular vacuuming keeps germs, pollens and bacteria at bay and keeps your family members safe from skin irritations, allergies, and other health ailments.

Another reason carpet steam cleaning is a must with pets is odour removal. Smelly carpets are common with pets as they shed dander and urinate on carpets. A steady accumulation of dander stains and urine penetrates the padding and, over time, gives off a musty odour which DIY cleaning fails to remove. If you find your carpet giving off an unpleasant smell, you may try using baking soda or vinegar for quick odour removal. However, if this fails to eliminate the scent permanently, all you can do is schedule a professional carpet steam cleaning service every month for guaranteed odour removal. Melbourne carpet steam cleaners use proven techniques and organic detergents, removing the smell and leaving long-lasting freshness.

Monthly Steam Cleaning Protect Your Carpet in the Long Run


Steam cleaning is a proven treatment for carpet restoration as it increases the longevity of carpets and prevents damage caused by stains, spills or dirt. Whether you have a giant family or a small household, routine steam cleaning is a must to keep your carpet fresh, odourless and spotless. If not monthly, you can get your carpet professionally cleaned every three months to uphold its beauty. This will ensure you are doing your best to keep the fibres healthy. In addition, a professional steam cleaning service works incredibly well in maintaining your carpet in top shape for years.

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