Is It a Good Idea to Steam Clean Woollen Carpets?

Homeowners love to decorate their hall rooms with woollen carpets as wool improves living spaces and complements any decor. Besides being hard-wearing, wool retains warmth and feels soft. Routine upkeep of furnishing is a must to maintain the aesthetic appeal and woollen carpet is no exception.

However, there are some common misconceptions regarding steam cleaning wool carpets which we will debunk in this post and help you uncover the facts so that you can maintain your pricey investment in top shape for years. Stay glued.

Does Steam Cleaning Wool Carpets Damage the fibres?

Well, the answer to this is NO. Like any other carpet fabric, wool carpets get dirty and need regular maintenance to stay in top shape. High foot traffic and frequent exposure to stains, oil, grease and grit ruin the lustre of fabrics and cause premature wear. In addition, these dust particles get rubbed with friction and destroy the mushy feel. Steam carpet cleaning is exceptionally effective in washing out these embedded particles from deep inside the intricate weavings and extending the longevity of wool carpets in the coming years. Hot water extraction, commonly known as steam cleaning, is highly recommended for wool carpet cleaning as it not only revives soiled fabrics but also restores the visual appeal and protects the carpet from premature deterioration.

Different Steam Cleaning Techniques for Different Stains

Stains can be of various types, such as accidental spills, drops or spots from soiling. Soiling happens when stains are left untreated for long and make wool carpets look pale. Accidental spills must be treated right away to avoid unsightly spots. Besides sugar-based spills from soft drinks, coffee leaves sticky residues even if place cleaned, and these can be best removed by carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. Sticky stains and stubborn spots are best treated when professionals apply warm water directly to the affected areas using a standard water force. Then, they mix warm water with 1tsp of wool detergent and white vinegar and flush away dirt utilising this solution for guaranteed carpet restoration.

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Does Steam Cleaning Shrink Wool Carpets?

If professionals perform steam cleaning, there’s no chance of carpet shrinkage. Wool is highly absorbent; therefore, you must not over-wet the carpet during cleaning. Experts offering professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne know the proven techniques and use warm water instead of hot water. Hot water can shrink the fabrics, so it’s wise to delegate the job to professionals instead of a DIY approach for flawless results.

Secondly, wool carpet fabrics retain water for a long time compared to synthetic materials, so it’s important to ventilate each room as much as possible with ceiling fans. If your carpet is installed in basements, open all windows for smooth air circulation. Improved ventilation will improve carpet drying time and eliminate chances of mould growth after the carpet cleaning service.

Third and most importantly, wool carpets require truck-mounted machines for steam cleaning. DIY suction machines do not have the power to absorb dirt and may leave wool carpets overly wet. It’s wise to deploy professionals as they know the techniques of hovering the machines over affected areas, making wool carpets long-lasting, and avoiding mould infestation and carpet shrinkage.

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