Domestic Carpet Cleaning Hacks That Can Come in Handy

When it comes to cleaning carpets there is no generalised thumb rule in regards to the procedure. It all depends upon the material the carpet is made up of, and the nature, extent, and the age of the stains that are to be removed. So you see, when things come down to carpet cleaning, the methods followed by the professionals would vary depending upon the scenario.

However, regardless of the type of carpet to be cleaned and the nature of stains to be removed, they can all be done in an eco-friendly way. In other words, various carpet cleaning tasks like the removal of stains, removal of spots in the carpets,  other ancillary tasks like raising the trampled down fibres, elimination of the allergens, dust mites, and other ills can all be done using eco-friendly or ‘green’ cleaning agents. When you put money on a quality professional domestic carpet cleaning company in Melbourne or elsewhere, they would use these cleaning agents to clean the carpets in an eco-friendly way. We at Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne do the same when you summon us for a domestic carpet cleaning assignment.

Here on this page, we discuss a few carpet cleaning hacks that the professionals follow to ease their cleaning assignment and yield satisfactory results for their clients.

Removing stain with the help of an iron box

An iron box comes in handy when it comes to eliminating old and stubborn carpet stains. They would start by vacuuming the carpet to guarantee that all the loose dust and dirt particles are removed from the surface of the carpet. Next, they will drench the stain with a towel that has been dropped in a solution of water and vinegar, with vinegar water ratio being 1:3. They would place the towel on the stain, and press that wet towel with the help of a hot iron to heat it. Once done for a fairly prolonged period, the stain will gradually get sucked by the towel. The pros would continue repeating this process until the entire stain seeps into the towel, leaving the carpet clean.

Cleaning With The Help Of Baking Soda And Essential Oil

This is an extremely handy hack that the seasoned carpet cleaning professionals in Melbourne would use. Baking soda and essential oils go a long way in helping the carpets to get back to their real self with a spick and span, bright look, and feel. Besides, they will help the carpets to emit a fresh and pleasant smell, turning the entire indoor ambience pleasant and full of a fragrance that will uplift your mood and help in fine and healthy living. Any type of essential oil use can vary, depending upon the preference of the clients. They can be anything – from lavender to wild orange, roman chamomile to hyssop and from rose to rosemary.

Home Made cleaning agent

In some cases, carpets might need a deep cleaning to remove allergens and dust mites, which if not removed will entrench into the fibres of the carpets, causing them to disintegrate. Thus, the pros would mix a cup full of Hydrogen perOxide (H2O2), one-fourth cup of white vinegar, and a few drops of essential oils. Then they would take two tablespoons of fabric softeners and dishwasher soap, and a gallon of hot water. All these are mixes and the resultant solution is used in the cleaning, rather than those chemical-rich carpet cleaning solutions that are available in the market.

Cleaning Shag Carpet

The majority of the vacuum cleaners would make use of plenty of suctions, which can very well shag the carpets that turn them fizzy. It will result in the shedding of a lot of its fibres. Hence, it becomes imperative to deshag them, using the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner. The seasoned carpet cleaning experts in Melbourne will do this if and when they would need to do so. This will take a lot of time, but it will become possible for the users to get access to the fibres, even without changing the shaggy look and feel.

Carpet Fulfilling

This can be done in various methods.

Method 1

This particular technique is appropriate for those carpets that are exposed to a too high volume of footfall. The pros would fluff these carpets sprinkling cleaning agents or stain removing solutions on the tramped down areas. The solution ideally consists of vinegar and water, mixed in equal proportions. The solution is then let to settle on the carpet, following which it is blotted out. Once done the pros will ruin a spoon along the surface fibres of the carpet, which will allow the fibres to stand up straight and give the carpet surface that good, old fluffy look, and feel.

Method 2

Another very effective hack that the professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne use is the alternate carpet fibre fluffing technique. This particular method is specifically suitable to clean those regions of a carpet that are under the furniture. The pros would at first place ice cubes on these areas of the carpet and then allow the ice to melt. Once the cubes have fully melted and the water gets fully dissolved in the carpet surface, they would take a soft towel and let it seep the excess moisture from the carpet. Then they would run a hot iron softly over the towel and then make use of their fingers to softly fluff up the fibres of the surface, on those areas.

Removing stains by club soda

When properly used, club soda can yield excellent results when it comes to eliminating stains of wine and beer from the carpet. The pros would blot the stains at first with the club soda with the help of a piece of cloth dampened by the soda. Once the stain is entirely gone, the spot is rinsed with warm water. Now they will place a few white paper towels on that area of the stain and will weigh them down with the help of any heavy object. They would leave them like that till the carpet is entirely dry.

If these are the top hacks of the carpet cleaning pros in Melbourne like anywhere else, some others in this category are using shaving cream and dishwashing detergents for removing the stains.

Hence you see, when it comes to improvisation by these professionals, the sky’s the limit, till they are harmless and effective. That is the reason, it is always better to opt for a quality company that will come up with innovative methods of carpet cleaning. This is where we at Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne make the difference. For further details, call us on 0390005250.