Rug Cleaning Red Flags to Keep at Bay During Cleaning and Dusting

There are some, who would undermine the issue of rug cleaning, taking it into stride, and accepting things as they may come. This is where the battle against the dirt and dust air lost. Rugs, indeed are one of those places that accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. You may clean it everyday superficially, but unfortunately, they keep on accumulating a lot of dirt and dust that gathers on the surface and then with time, they slip over to the base of the surface, making the rugs the best platforms that not only give spaces to dust and dirt, but to the mould and mildew and other ills over time.

Thus, it can very well be said that even if you are into regular rug cleaning, it is only a cosmetic measure you are taking, and it is high time you must turn to a professional and seasoned rug cleaning company in Melbourne. which can take care of the issue in a proper and proactive way.  These companies would take the help of the best techniques, tools, and engage the best men who will never commit any mistake to come up with a seamless rug cleaning service.

Now the question is, why on earth do you need to be so choosy in picking up a rug cleaning company? The answer is  – to make sure that they would never commit some very common rug cleaning mistakes that, if committed, will defeat the very purpose of your investment. For instance, when you put money on us at best carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you can be assured that your rugs are in the best hands! But what are the mistakes that you need to be wary about? There are quite many, and all of them would land you in trouble!

Using less than adequate water for rug cleaning

This is one of the most frequent mistakes that the less reputed and inexperienced rug cleaners would commit. The rugs are generally made up of stain-resistant fibres. This means when it comes to cleaning, it will need a lot of water to clean them. Once the cleaning is done with enough water, it needs to be dried properly, to avoid build-up of mould. Now people commit a two-pronged mistake – they would either use less than adequate water or even if they use enough water, they will not dry it properly, resulting in the build up of mould.

Renting Cleaning tools

Instead of hiring reputed rug cleaning companies in Melbourne, they would rent cleaning machines. This is again, a blunder of Himalayan proportion. Firstly, they might not have the knowledge to use these machines properly, thus failing to make the most use of them, and secondly, they might not be the best of the tools available in the market. Besides, they might not be in the best of conditions to clean the rugs and thus fail to perform optimally to serve the purpose to their potential. At the end of the day, it will only defeat the very purpose of the investment and would result in wastage of money.

Not dealing with the spills in an appropriate way

When it comes to dealing with the spills, it can be done in various ways. You should never resort to the use of a steam cleaning machine for removing stains from the rugs. The reason being, the heat will only make the stain more stubborn and help it to settle deep into the fibre of your rug. So using steam for cleaning a rug in Melbourne is a mistake, more so when it comes to taking care of spills and stains.

The other mistake in this regard is rubbing the spills vigorously using brushes. The proper way to deal with these stains is by using paper towels that can be used to soak up the spills. Newspapers can also be used in lieu of the paper towels to suck up the spills. But these are the steps that you can use when it comes to taking care of fresh spills. For the older and stubborn ones, using the same method is an error, to say the least. The pros would use a solution of white vinegar and water. However, the use of the brush will have to be mild. Vigorous use of brush will twist and unsettle the fibres. Also, the colour of the rug will be distorted, giving the rug a dull look and feel.

Giving the spill the time to settle

Spills and stains on rugs are inevitable, more so if you have kids or pets in your family. The issue is, how do you react when your rug is stained? Do you act proactively, or you are too lazy to be so and would let the stains settle down, out of the thought that the best rug cleaning company will do all the cleaning. Yes, they will, but taking immediate care of fresh spills will firstly help you get rid of the stain as you are not letting the spill to settle in, and secondly, even if there are remnants of the spill, it will be a cakewalk for the pros to remove the stain. Your rug is saved and you do not have to pay much to have the stain removed. It saves your time, money and of course the carpet.

Not hiring professionals

Hence, taking into view all these, it can very well be said that not hiring a quality rug cleaning company in Melbourne and that also in a timely manner, is a mistake. Hiring seasoned professionals will help you a lot when it comes to taking care of the rug and the dust and filth on it. So you see not hiring pros for cleaning rugs is a mistake.

If these are the major mistakes, there are others as well, like being over-enthusiast and cleaning the rug a bit too often and not using the right cleaning agent or cleaners that are rich in harmful chemicals. That is why, in order to avoid all these mistakes, you need to summon a seasoned professional, What better name can you opt for than Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne? For further details, call us on 0390005250.