The whole world has been put on hold by the COVID-19 pandemic, but fortunately, several essential services are still allowed to operate even during this global pandemic. Carpet cleaning is considered an important service during the coronavirus pandemic because the virus can live on carpets immediately it is spread to parts of a home through droplets. With more than 200,000 bacteria for each square inch contained in your carpet, it is 4,000 times dirtier than the seat of your toilet.


No need to panic yet!Having the understanding that pollen, bacteria, faeces, germs, and many dirty things are probably hiding in your carpets will help you take required steps to get rid of them as often as possible. Even bacteria and microbes enjoy growing well in carpet fibers.

Germs are released by people with flu, colds, and another similar sickness. The released viruses and germs become airborne and later settle onto surfaces, especially the carpet. Remember those gifts that managed to follow you from outside to your home from your workout with your dog also pose serious threat to your health.

Carpet cleaning is so important for health and safety at this time of the current global pandemic. The virus can be eliminated on these often-used surfaces through the powerful chemical products and steam cleaning used for carpet cleaning. Recent research shows that coronavirus can live on surfaces for about 5 days. This is why we strongly recommend carpet cleaning and disinfection. Let’s take a look at how it happens and what you need to do to play safe.


How long can Coronavirus live on Carpet?

With the ever-spreading news about the coronavirus and people being advised to stay home and stay safe, many questions keep coming up and for the best reason. A common question homeowners have been asking us is – what is the lifespan coronavirus on the carpet? The coronavirus and other related viruses can be shared through coughing, talking, sneezing, and direct contact. Survival of these illnesses, coronavirus inclusive, depends on temperature, surface porosity, and humidity.

Generally, the lifespan of the viruses is elongated in cold, dry environments. Even though it is unclear about the virus’s lifespan that causes COVID-19 on surfaces, it was suggested by studies that the virus can live on a surface for two hours to a few days. However, when it comes to carpet, we should be cautioned because we are always around our carpet.


Why is Vacuuming not enough?

A lot of people consider carpet vacuuming adequately enough to keep it clean, but this doesn’t seem right. You should know that your carpets take in more bacteria, particles, allergens, and others than what vacuuming alone can completely clean. The truth is that, you need a normal deep cleaning for your carpets, and you must get it done at least twice in a year due the current virus outbreak. Carpet vacuuming can only get rid of dust, dirt, and other particles tracked into the house by you and your family, but this alone is all a vacuum machine can do.

A quality vacuum may seem to restore your carpet’s color and get rid of tracked dirt as well as other particles, but all these are only surface-level cleaning. The inner levels of your carpets are unreachable for vacuum cleaners, leaving the dirt and dust that has gotten into the carpet fiber untouchable for the vacuum cleaner.

Why COVID Carpet Clean?

With the sudden increase of COVID-19 cases in Melbourne, which has led to the introduction of stage 4 lockdown in the state and stage 3 in some areas of Victoria, maintaining a clean carpet is very important for your health and way of life, and clean means more than stain-free. A lot of factors can get a carpet dirty, but to prevent it from uncontrollable issues, you need to keep it in good shape always.

Below are the reasons you need COVID carpet cleaning:


  • Free of microorganisms:The number one reason to keep your carpet clean is to prevent it from microorganisms. Currently, the major reason one can have is probably COVID-19. However, there are also other reasons to keep your carpets and upholstery clean. The bacteria, mites, and fungi enjoy living in your carpet, and to eliminate them, you need to contact professional carpet cleaners closer to you.
  • Improved air quality:The air quality on your home could be poorer several times than the ones outside your home if you fail to maintain regular deep cleaning of your carpets. This is not a good thing for everyone, most especially for those having allergies. Allergens that enter the home can easily settle inside carpet fibers and proceed to improve allergies of household members until a deep cleaning are performed to get rid of them.

With deep carpet cleaning from a professional cleaner, the quality of your indoor air is improved. It also protects you and your household members from allergens, germs, bacteria, and other possible harmful particles that may be living in your carpets.


  • Cleaning and disinfecting the surface: Coronavirus, as studied by Harvard University, can spread to items and surfaces and still live on the surfaces for three to four days. It is also discovered that the material a surface is made of determines how long the virus can last on it. This can be a major issue with carpets as it can hold droplets (which contain the virus) coughed out by an infected person for days. Fortunately, the majority of the cleaning products used in carpet cleaning can eliminate the virus, especially with more effective high-pressure hot water extraction.

Why should you contact a Carpet Cleaning Service for COVID Carpet Cleaning?


Since you now understand the need for carpet cleaning, let us discuss the reason you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Most people use a vacuum cleaner to clean their carpet. That is only good for daily cleaning routine, but not enough for COVID carpet cleaning. You must get a deeper cleaning service to rid your carpet of microorganisms and odors. It is so good that you have learned some tricks online and are ready to wash your carpets yourself; however, do you know if the cleaning trick is compatible with the type of carpet you own?

With a professional cleaning company, you can be certain that your carpet will get the best treatment. Cleaning your carpet with ammonia can be dangerous if not properly done. This is similar to the dry cleaning of carpets, which can end up damaging your carpet.

You probably know that cleaning carpets by yourself at home may be a very bad idea. Are you concerned about the cost of carpet cleaning? Do not stress yourself to research carpet cleaning; save yourself some money and time by going for a professional carpet cleaner that will offer a reasonable rate. They will perform the cleaning with relevant and necessary materials.

Our COVID Carpet Cleaning

Since it is now a fact that the virus can live on surfaces for some period of time, the virus can then be eliminated by carpet cleaning on contact with the use of powerful equipment, products, as well as procedures while also getting your home clean in the process. We suggest you hire a professional carpet cleaning service at least two times annually based on the use. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, we recommend everyone have their carpets and upholstery cleaned as this is the only effective means of getting rid of bacteria, mites, viruses, and other organisms from your frequently contacted carpets.

It is also the best way to make sure you have a cleaner and healthier environment in your living space. The associated problem with the use of chemicals and cleaning supplies bought in-store is that, there is no adequate scientific explanation to test multiple products. Aside from normal disinfectants, you tend to enjoy shining and healthy carpet.

One way to make sure any organism get destroyed regardless of its size is through our hot water extraction because of its high temperature. Also, all the chemicals we use are environmentally safe and contain no toxins, which implies that the hot water will get the elimination of the virus done while our chemicals get us a deep and safe clean where applied.



It is important to remain indoors in time like these if you are worried about contracting COVID-19. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to halt your carpet cleaning plans. Our company is committed to providing you germ-free carpet in your home. Our team is still available for COVID-19 carpet deep cleaning so we can keep you and your household members safe from contracting the virus.   Contact us now!