The excitement of moving into another space can quickly disappear when you find out you have to clean your old residence. Apartment vacation cleaning may be tough, but can as well be easy. It is a task that requires planning and seriousness since it is the only way you can recover your security deposit, get a good credit score, and also earn you a positive reference by a landlord for future homes.

To get started, firstly:

Obtain a moving-out cleaning checklist from your landlord.

Before you commence cleaning, repair anything broken by you.

Your reputation, as well as your security deposit, are on the line when you don’t clean your apartment.

Let’s take a look at how to vacate cleaning like a pro works.

What is expected from Vacate Cleaning?

You and the realtor will have the real estate condition form that contains the current condition of each room. This includes the number of hooks and nails, the stains on the walls, and the existing damage before you moved in.

This real estate condition form will be used to checkmate the condition of everything in and around the apartment and with fair expectations concerning wear and tear.

This real estate condition form is given many names in Australia. It is known as an Entry Condition Report in Queensland. As regards expectations of Realtors from bond clean, you need to at least add these items in the move-out cleaning checklist:

  • Neat and clean walls
  • Clean windows (inside and outside)
  • Steam cleaned carpets
  • A well-organized garden that is rid of debris and has a mowed lawn
  • The upper-side and inside of all cupboards fully clean via a rigorous wipe down
  • A neatly clean swimming pool (if it exists)
  • Clean window finishing, like curtains and blinds
  • Making sure that all surfaces have been wiping down thoroughly and no new stains or marks are visible
  • Ensuring that the skirting boards are clean and with no marks
  • Removal of Insects and dirt from the entire light fittings in the home and properly polished
  • Deeply cleaned window tracks
  • All floors perfectly mopped and vacuumed

These are just a few of the many things the real estate agent will ask you to clean before moving out.

Cleaning an Apartment during Move-Out

House move cleaning doesn’t necessarily need to be difficult if you make plans with a smart, thorough cleaning checklist.

Follow below tip to clean an apartment during a move-out:

  1. Stick to a move-out cleaning inspection checklist: Most homeowners give tenants an in-and-out inspection form of what they need to clean to get back their security deposit. Each lease is different based on expectations.Some will ask you to clean the carpets professionally and others will just ask you to vacuum. We hope you note any scratches, dings, dents, and other damage in the space and notify your landlord so you don’t get hold for cleaning or repairing those things you never caused during move-out.Carefully go through the list, and make use of it as your starting point. If you misplace the list, request another copy from your property manager. They’ll be happy to see your readiness to comply. If your landlord didn’t provide you a list, create one yourself so you ensure you don’t miss a thing as you proceed in the process.
  2. Repair any damage you caused: Before you commence your thorough cleaning process, first make sure you repair cracks and small holes in the wall, burned-out bulbs, broken blinds, and chipped paint. This will simplify your job when you commence cleaning with these details perfectly handled in advance.
    • Tip: If you lack the qualification or have the relevant equipment to perform the task, try hiring someone via Angie’s List or TaskRabbit. 
  3. Clean places and things you don’t normally clean: Together with what you often clean, you also want to clean areas you generally don’t clean regularly, like fan blades, fan, blinds, baseboards, carpets, windows, and light fixtures.
  4. Begin from the top: As you think of the things you need to clean, starting from the top means you will have debris or dust settle under. Since you will be cleaning the whole space, you’ll complete it in no time, and you won’t have to do double-work as well. So, begin at the top of the space starting from your ceiling, fan blades, and fan.You can then move into the walls, blinds, shelving windows, and baseboards. Complete the process with flooring. If you are sure of your cleaning skills, then you can proceed to the next step and clean these areas of your home:
    • Walls and door windows: It is important to ensure the walls and the door windows are well cleaned because they are quick to notice. You can use mild quality sugar soap and sponge mop to clean the walls after you wipe off the dust. Spot cleaning is very easy if you know your way and the final result can be amazing.
    • Windows: This is a part of a home that needs deep cleaning, on the inside and outside of the home. You can conduct regular cleaning by dusting or mopping but must make sure that the job is complete. And add the curtains and blinds in the cleaning process to get the best results.
    • Carpets: Cleaning carpet areas is more important when you plan to recover your security deposit. Carpet stains and discoloration are well noticeable and that is why you need to perform a great clean to make sure all the carpets are rid of stains and dirt. However, ordinary vacuuming will not fetch you a great result.
    • Kitchens and ovens: This part of your house requires special attention because it is an important part you don’t just clean. A clean and organized kitchen is not only more attractive but also gives a feeling that a house is ready for a living.
    • Skirting boards: These parts of a home often go unnoticed and are only cared for when there is an absolute necessity for deep cleaning. If it’s been long you last clean your skirting boards, try to clean them the same way you would clean the surfaces in your house.
    • Ceilings and fans: You already know that fan is capable of piling dirt. Also, ceilings pile up cobwebs, dirt, and other unnecessary substances that result in discoloration. So, be sure you clean the ceilings and fans in your home before you move out.
    • Cupboards and sinks: Get a top-quality surface spray and reach inside of each corner of the cupboards to remove dust, food, or grime. Also, make sure you disinfect the entire sinks and wipe them clean till you notice no spot. You don’t want to have dust or food particles everywhere as it may result in smelling of your house.
    • Bathroom and toilets: Cleaning each area of the bathroom and the toilets is very important. Make use of a nice quantity of disinfectant and cleaning products to make sure no grime or smell is left unaddressed.
    • Laundry: Ensure that grouting is properly cleaned and the corners of every shower don’t have mold or mildew. The realtor will also be amazed seeing that you pay much attention to details.
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    • Garages:The garage is the capital territory of junk in the house; unless you have someone assigned to clean it. This is why it is so much important to dispose of waste elements, cobwebs, stubborn stains, and other stuff deeply.
    • Gardens and lawns: If you have a wide lawn area, then it will be nice to spend some time performing the cleaning. Start by getting rid of junk or waste items laying around in the garden then continue to getting rid of green waste. You also may perform some weeding or hire a professional to get it done for you.
    • Other outdoor areas:If we didn’t mention any part of your home in this list, then proceed and include it too because your goal should be focused on completing the cleaning.
  5. Ask for a final walk-through: Lastly, after you finish your deep cleaning and you are set to return the keys to your landlord, request for a final walk-through with the landlord. This will enable the landlord to address any leftover issues or sign off that you’ve exited your apartment in a clean condition, so you can get your security deposit.If this is not considered as an option, snap each room as you vacate it, and send them to your homeowner. Doing this will show that you’ve been sincere with your cleaning, and also provide evidence that the cleaning was done.

Is Vacate Cleaning Worth It? 

Now, the question that is in everyone’s mind is if the cleaning is what they can tackle on their own. People may want to get things done themselves for lots of reasons. Some may decide to make money which they would later have to pay for a professional cleaning service. Others may not rely on anybody to handle the cleaning as they would do.

But the actual question should be, is DIY vacate cleaning worth it, especially when it is time for you to move out? The answer surprisingly varies based on the people and other external factors that dictate how easy it is to perform the deep cleaning.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Move-Out Cleaning Service

If all the advice discussed above seems excessively tasking, then it is in your best interest to hire a Bond Cleaning service. These companies offer professional services with great efficiency and total courtesy while rendering their service.

With several years of bond cleaning experience, a professional bond cleaner can perfectly make the cleaning experience worth it.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Bond Cleaner 

  • They deeply clean every part of the property
  • They make use of cleaning products and materials of high quality
  • They take your needs and ensure your total satisfaction is attained with the result
  • Most move-out cleaning services offer Bond Back Guarantee. If your landlord has to reject your bond cleaning for some reason, they’ll return to clean for free. Read What Does Bond Back Guarantee Mean?
  • Professional cleaning services also offer other services, such as lawn mowing and garden care. They will make sure the whole property is cleaned perfectly.


Ensuring that your rental property is deeply cleaned is so important. Whether you go for the DIY way or hire a professional cleaner, make sure they touch every corner.

Generally, making the property cleaner than you met is recommended. If you don’t want to engage in the cleaning yourself, consider hiring a professional bond cleaning service. We hope this article is helpful for you. Kindly leave your questions or comment in the box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of bond cleaning?

Bond cleaning costs $360 on average. Hiring an expert cleaning service for an apartment often runs between $110 and $350; a house that measures around 3,500 square-feet is cleaned for $450 to $650 or higher. Prices are based on the amount and size of cleaning required, including the size of the home.

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Can a homeowner charge you for cleaning after vacate?

The tenant’s deposit can be deducted from the landlord. The cost of cleaning a space when the tenant relocates, but to ensure the space is as cleaned as when the tenant first moved in (minus fair wear and tear).

What clean do I have to leave a house? 

Treat your empty rental home as a hotel room or a rental cottage that you have much care for:

  1. Clean showers, sinks, floors, toilets, bathtub, and appliances
  2. Clean any marks or stains on the walls
  3. Remove your items and trash, or you could end up being charged for its removal since there will be a need for someone to spend time to clean it up.

Who pays for bond cleaning when a tenant relocates? 

The landlord must pay back your bond within 21 days of your move out. He may keep all or part of your bond to pay for the associated costs with unpaid rent, repair for damages, cleaning the space, or the cost of furniture replacement, if allowed by the lease.

Can I keep the bond for breaking the lease? 

Understand that your landlord can’t keep your bond if you break your lease agreement. This is your money, kept in a reliable account unless you forfeit part or all of it through damage to your rental space. They can, however, keep your final month’s rent and sue for rents you never paid.