How Do Pro Cleaners Remove Odours From Pet Urine Stains on Carpets?

The odour from pet stains on the home carpet is common. Almost all homeowners in Melbourne and its suburbs who have pets and carpets experience this situation. However, when the odour intensifies, enduring the smell becomes a challenge. Call pro cleaners to remove the unpleasant odour.

The cleaners use specific techniques to remove not only the odour but also the stains. Today, we will take a look at how they do so. Know what to expect when you hire a professional service that removes the smell of pet urine stains on carpets.

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Hot Water Extraction Method

Specialists carrying out carpet cleaning in Melbourne and its suburbs use the hot water extraction method, also called steam cleaning, to remove pet stains. Doing so helps remove the odour from the stains as well. However, for the process to succeed, the cleaners must use top-grade steam cleaning equipment. So, if you have booked a reputable cleaning company, rest assured that they have the best steam cleaning tools.

Carpet Shampooing

Though this is a conventional method that is rarely used nowadays, it can work very well for carpets that are giving off pet stain odour.

Some companies offering carpet pet stain removal services still use this method since it can help remove stains and odour. The only disadvantage of this service is that it leaves the carpet wet. However, pro cleaners use dryers to remove the water quickly.

Using Natural Solutions

Though cleaners nowadays mostly use proprietary solutions to remove pet stains and the odour from them, they still need to leave out organic solutions from their inventory.

Since organic solutions are eco-friendly and non-allergic, their usage can still be found. Of them, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are the two products that are highly used because of their odour-removal capabilities.

Usage of Proprietary Solutions

In the carpet pet urine removal service, cleaning specialists use in-house solutions to remove the pet stains and the odour emanating from the same. For example, they can use a solution to remove the stain and another to eliminate the odour. Or, they might use a single solution to eliminate both.

Dry Cleaning

Generally, dry cleaning of carpets is less common than steam cleaning when it comes to pet urine stains and odour removal. However, some cleaning companies still use the dry-cleaning method since it is quite effective against pet urine and odour. Moreover, the dry-cleaning method is less time-consuming than the steam cleaning process.

Vacuum After Cleaning

Generally, vacuuming is done before steam or dry-cleaning carpets. But if a pet stain and an odour are coming from the carpet, the cleaners assigned to the carpet stain removal service in Southbankwill vacuum it after steam cleaning the same. This helps remove any existing particles inside the fibres that might give rise to the smell later.

These are a few common ways pro cleaners make carpets free of pet stains and odour. However, other new techniques have yet to gain popularity.

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