Carpet Vacuuming Methods Used by Professional Cleaners

All professional cleaners vacuum the carpet first before steam cleaning. This is to achieve the best results. Here, we will discuss the tools and methods of vacuuming to give you an idea of the entire cleaning process. So, if you are researching the steps that precede steam cleaning, this is the discussion that you should be following thoroughly.

  • Using the Right Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

The right vacuum cleaning tool can make or break the steam cleaning service. The carpet cleaners are particular about their tools since they must produce the right results. 

Generally, the best cleaning companies have a wide array of vacuum cleaners at their disposal; depending on the carpet; they use them. Moreover, if a commercial carpet has to be cleaned, the cleaners sometimes assess the same to choose the right equipment to help fetch the best results.


  • Using the Right Vacuum Cleaner Attachment 

The carpet cleaning experts in Melbourne also serving in Southbank use the right vacuum cleaners and the right attachments. For instance, depending on the carpet, they use beater bars, basically rotating brushes that help loosen the particles stuck deep inside the fibres. However, apart from this, there are other attachments too that help to get rid of dirt and dust. They are mostly suction pipes with varying strengths.


  • Appropriate Vacuuming

The professionals carrying out carpet cleaning will need to vacuum the carpets appropriately. To do this, they will first inspect the carpet to see whether toys, pieces of paper, coins, clips, etc., are lying around. If they find any of these, they will remove them from the carpet since they are too big to be vacuumed. Moreover, they can get stuck inside the equipment and disrupt the cleaning service. For this reason, the cleaners will attentively follow this step before vacuum cleaning.

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  • Thorough Cleaning

The carpet cleaning specialists will vacuum all parts of the carpet thoroughly, ensuring they are not leaving any place. Furthermore, they will move the carpet slowly over the fibres, ensuring the vacuum removes any dirt or dust. In fact, after completing vacuuming, they will thoroughly check the threads to see whether the particles have been removed so that they can proceed to the next step, steam cleaning.


  • Reverse Vacuuming      

The cleaners will reverse vacuum the carpet, performing various movements with the equipment to eliminate the dirt and dust. Next, they will move the equipment from place to place and back to make the carpet ready for the final step, which is steam cleaning.

  • Adjust the Vacuum Cleaner from Time to Time 

In the last step, the professionals carrying out the best carpet cleaning in Southbank apart from Melbourne will adjust the vacuum cleaner from time to time so that they become free of dirt and dust. And after that, they will move to the steam cleaning process.

Professional cleaners use a few vacuum cleaning methods before applying steam.

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