Things to Accomplish Before Your Carpet Steam Cleaners Arrive

Now that you have hired carpet steam cleaners, you must do a few things before they arrive. And, by doing so, you can get even better results. This post can give you some ideas to learn more about what you need to do. 

  • Move Your Furniture

Before the professional carpet steam cleaners arrive, you will need to move your furniture. This way, you can create more space for the cleaners to work on your carpet. They will need to work through the fibre, and for this, they will need space. But remember, the cleaners will also need to operate the steam cleaning equipment. So, clearing the room is the right solution.


  • Switch off the Appliances

It is always a good idea to switch off the appliances in your room before the carpet steam cleanersarrive. Fans, air conditioners, etc., can scatter dirt and dust. This will make vacuuming the carpets even more difficult. Also, since the cleaners will be plugging in the steam cleaning equipment, you can save some power by keeping the appliances turned off.

  • Ventilate the Room

It is essential to ventilate the room before the carpet steam cleaners arrive because this will help the carpet dry quickly.

In steam cleaning, hot water vapour removes accumulated dirt, dust and stains. So, after the treatment, it is essential for the carpet to dry, and to enhance the drying process, it is necessary to ventilate the room.


  • Take Your Pets to a Different Room 

If you are cleaning your home carpet, move your pets to a room other than where the carpet is.

Naturally, if your pets start running here and there during the cleaning session, it will become challenging for the cleaners to complete the professional steam cleaning in Melbourne service efficiently.

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  • Relocate Food or Similar Products

Though steam cleaning is not harmful, this is an important step you will need to do before the steam cleaners arrive. 


Since the cleaners will vacuum the carpet before applying steam, dirt and dust particles can get into the air and spread on the food, even if they are properly contained. If you don’t want to experience food allergies, relocating them is the safest solution.

Relocate Other Items as Per Your Choice

Though cleaners carrying out professional carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne will only be dealing with the carpet, it is still an excellent option to relocate the items you feel like keeping with you. 

Lastly, if you get these things done before the cleaners arrive, you can expect on-time completion of cleaning and impeccable results.

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