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Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Terms and Conditions

Servicing inner city and surrounding suburbs of Melbourne

Open 7 days from 6 am to 10 pm

Same Day cleaning available

By hiring Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for your house cleaning or office cleaning services, the client agrees to our Terms and Conditions listed here below.

Why we require full payment in advance?

  • In our business policy, we prefer that our cleaners handle NO money 
  • In the past, we have had some people who have booked our services but never paid us after the service. It was devastating for us and we have had to pay our cleaners from our pocket 
  • As soon as you pay, you  send us a confirmation of payment, we can send you a receipt
  • Paying by credit card gives you 3 months time to ask for a refund if you haven’t received the service promised

Why you can trust us:

  • I’m the owner and my aim is to serve you not only today, but again and again
  • With this transaction, I’d love to impress you to the point that you leave us a beautiful review online, and that you recommend us to your family and friends
  • Before you pay, please check out our 1300+, 5 star reviews online. That’s our social proof of our honesty and reliability.
  • We have been in this business for more than 4.5 years and we only have only a hand full of bad reviews because we ALWAYS show up and deliver our service up to our customers’ satisfaction. 
  • You can pay with credit card or EFT or Stripe
    from our website, which give you between 3 and 6 months to request a refund.
  • You are also requested to come back at least 60min before the cleaners finish, check all what have been cleaned and the cleaners will not go until you are happy with everything. We don’t like complainers an whiners. It doesn’t serve anyone. We love to have happy clients. This business model is perfect to guarantee your full satisfaction and more 5-star reviews for our business. 

Our team will use your cleaning equipment and products, and we can clean anything you put on your written priority list. If you can’t provide all the equipment and cleaning products, we can still help and an extra charge will apply. please call us
Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne reserve the right to choose its customer to make sure that we are the right fit/match for our customers, their cleaning needs and budgets

Over the phone, asking you a lot of questions, we are able to quote you (price range) for any of these services:

  • End of lease cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • One-off cleaning
  • House cleaning
  • Presale cleaning
  • After renovation cleaning
  • Home organisation
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Aged care cleaning

I, Mimmo, do my best to get the most accurate price or time estimate. Obviously, if the property is cleaner, the quote could be lower because we need to clean less. At the contrary, if the property requires more time, products and efforts to be cleaned, the quote will be higher.

When we schedule inspections, we require an inspection fee of $200 which comes out of the final price of the cleaning. In case, the client does not accept our quote, we reserve the right to keep the inspection fee. NO refund will be issued. In this case, the inspection will pay for our travel time and the time we have spent with the customer discussing their cleaning needs.

NOT everyone charges for inspections. The contrary, most companies do it for you.
In our case, as we value our customer’s time, we love to have our time valued too. For us, the inspection fee is to select and qualify the prospects that are interested in our cleaning service and not jus in a free quote.
If you don’t share our same view in this matter, we understand and respect your view.

We usually can only give an estimate of the cost or/and duration for the first cleaning service, which will be based on the best description that the customer provides us over the phone. After the first clean, if the customers are interested in a regular cleaning service, we will establish a flat rate or a number of hours, according to their frequency and list of priorities.


Please know that we value both your time and our cleaners’ time. Any cancellations/reschedule made before 72 hours of the scheduled date will incur NO penalty and can be refunded in full.

For any cancellations made 48 hours of the scheduled date, please note that there will be NO REFUND available. The money will cover ours costs, the cleaners’ travel and our loss of income.

For any reschedules made 48 hours of the scheduled date, please note that there will be a 50% rebooking fee based on the given invoice. The rescheduled date and time will be under the discretion of the company .

To avoid being charged a cancellation fee, please make sure you contact us at least 72 hours ahead of your scheduled date

Why we do it this way?

As a serious business, when you book our service, we always show up on time and strive to give you the best cleaning service possible according to your needs and preferences. We are committed to serving you. When you cancel your booking in less than 48hrs, we lose the opportunity to serve other people and that’s a loss of income for our company. When you cancel, our cleaners who were expecting to serve you, and committed to do your cleaning, will not be able to take any other jobs; Therefore, they will have a loss of income. Our cleaners and I can’t afford to have a loss of income because, like everyone, we have expenses. This is the only source of income we all have. I hope you understand our positions. It’s just a business practise to safeguard our interests while helping you with your domestic cleaning, home organisation and carpet steam cleaning.

On the cleaning day, in case we arrive at the property, and the clients are still in the process of moving out their belongings, or we can’t start our cleaning, for our waiting time, we will charge them an extra $100/hour and per every cleaner scheduled for that particular job.

Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or any regular cleaning service:

Clients can pause or terminate their regular cleaning services by giving us one-week notice. Whereas, the commercial cleaning client, has to give us four weeks’ notice.

One-off cleans, After renovation cleans and Presale cleans

If we are not cleaning the whole property, Please have your written priority list ready for the cleaners on arrival. Failing to do it, could increase misunderstandings and we take NO responsibility. If you leave us a written priority list, it will guide us towards what you want us to do and will also help you at the end when checking.

Please make sure, you come back one hour before the cleaners finish and have enough time to check everywhere in all the areas that have been cleaned while the cleaners are still there. We don’t like whiners and complainers. We want you to be extremely happy with your investment with us and for choosing us to help you with your cleaning. 

If you fail to come 60min before the finish time, to check before the cleaners leave, we take NO responsibility and we will NOT come back. It’s your responsibility of check and it’s our duty to rectify EVERYTHING you are not happy with right there and we will not leave until you are happy with everything. That’s our promise.

In case it takes us less than the booked hours, I will refund you all the hours that we haven’t worked as soon as you send me your bank details. On the other hand, if we arrive to your property and we find out that we require more hours of cleaning, we will let you know, ask you permission to do it and if you agree, you will pay us for the extra hours at the same hourly rate.

If you need help with extra cleanings such as pressure cleaning or tiles & grout cleaning, or carpet steam cleaning, please let me know and I will send you a separate quote for it. It’s not part of the hourly cleaning, because we use specific and big machines to do it. The good news is that the same team can organise that extra cleanings for you on the same day of the cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Service:

Once our End of lease cleaning service quote has been accepted and paid in full, we offer a 100% bond back to all our clients. This guarantee is valid only for 72 hours after the end of the clean-up. Which means, if for any reasons, related to the cleaning we have done at the property, the property managers or the landlords are not happy, we will send one of our cleaners asap to fix the matter at NO extra charge to the customer. In case, the house has been used after our vacate clean, we will NOT be responsible for the look of the property and the bond back guarantee will decay!

If the exit clean inspection is after 72 hours, and there is an issue with the cleaning, we won’t be responsible whatsoever. We will be happy to help you but it will be at a cost to you.

Carpet cleaning:

When booking a carpet steam clean, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning or any steam clean, we assume that there are NO major stains at all (unless it was mentioned in our phone conversation). In case, we find out that you have some stains and we can clean them for you but, it will at an additional charge. A basic carpet cleaning (in case of multiple stains) won’t give you a bond guarantee.

Bond back cleaning exclusions:

In the vacate cleaning, the services listed below are not included. If requested, a surcharge will apply:

The customer has to mention them when asking for a quote and before paying

  • Grouts and tiles Cleaning
  • Moving any hefty furniture
  • Outside windows cleaning
  • Cleaning Roller Blinds
  • Cleaning Venetian blinds
  • Cleaning walls
  • Removing rubbish
  • Cleaning Outdoor areas (Balcony, & Garage)
  • Cleaning Ceilings from marks or mould
  • House fittings cleaning
  • For a key collection from any different address than where the cleaning service is booking. A travel fee will apply.
  • If the property is less clean or bigger than described over the phone, a surcharge will apply. In case the customer doesn’t agree with our new quote, we reserve the right to keep the deposit and leave.
Carpet Steam Cleaning and Upholstery cleaning:

Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne does not guarantee 100% stain removal. However, with our advanced techniques and using the right specific stain cleaning products, we can remove most stains up to 95%; Or even 100% if they are very recent. If the stains are old or caused by medicine or pet food, Tumeric, curry, old vomit, our chances of getting all of them off becomes slimmer. Once we remove the stain, we are not responsible for any discolouring of the carpets or the fabric.

Standard room size is around 10 sqm (3m x 3m)

Standard living room and lounge is around 20 sqm (4m x 5m)

For couches, chairs, and stairs, if we find dark soil, stains or large sizes, a surcharge may apply.

In case of stain removal, WE CAN NEVER GUARANTEE 100% REMOVAL. Some stains are deemed permanent and can NOT be removed.

However, we will endeavour to get as much as possible without causing any discolouring.

To confirm a booking online or over the phone, full payment of the service must be made in advance through our secure website:

Payments can be done by Credit Card, Stripe or Bank Transfer

For any query, please contact our friendly customer happiness 03 8583 9100